Desmond Lim acknowledged Workers' Party is a more powerful brand

As a brand, "Workers' Party" seems much better than "Singapore Democratic Alliance", Desmond Lim begrudgingly admitted.

He lost the three-cornered fight of Punggol East SMC and he lost his election deposit money of $16,000 and he's upset about it.

C'mon. Who will not be?

Quoted from Channel NewsAsia, "GE: We'll be back, says SDA's Desmond Lim":

Mr Lim said he would have fared better, if there was no three-cornered fight.

He said: "My conclusion is people are choosing for branding despite the Workers' Party parachuting in without a proper five-year plan being offered. Moreover, the candidate was new. So I would say my conclusion is that residents are choosing for someone who has a brand and they would like to associate with it. I will continue to work the ground (in Punggol East) but I hope Workers' Party will also continue to work the ground."

Mr Lim said he intends to work on growing the SDA brand and continue to reach out to residents in both Punggol and Pasir Ris.

Other political parties might want to take note of this. Branding. You'll do good to remember to continually strengthen the brand of your party. This, of course, can be done better through actions and results, instead of mere words.

All the best!

PEOPLE'S Action Party Michael Palmer defeated his two challengers in the only three-cornered fight in Punggol East single-seat ward.

The first-term MP secured 54.5 per cent (16,969) of the 33,281 votes, beating the Singapore Democratic Alliance's (SDA) Desmond Lim, 43, and Workers' Party's (WP) Ms Lee Li Lian.

It was a tight race for Mr Palmer, 42, a lawyer, in the new ward which was carved out of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC. His winning margin was 13.5 per cent. Mr Lim, a principal engineer with M1, only managed to get 1,386 votes or 4.5 per cent, which means he would lose his deposit. Ms Lee of the Workers' Party clinched 12,765 votes, or 41 per cent.

From Straits Times, "PAP wins Punggol East SMC".

The Singapore Democratic Alliance's Desmond Lim, 42, will lose his election deposit after garnering only 4.45 per cent of the votes in Punggol East SMC.

Mr Lim received less than one-eighth of the total number of votes polled in the SMC he contested in. He will be the only one in this General Election to lose the election deposit.

The election deposit for each candidate is $16,000, an increase from the $13,500 required in the previous election.

The new sum is 8 per cent of the total allowances payable to a Member of Parliament in the preceding year, rounded to the nearest $500.

Punggol East SMC was the only three-corner fight in this General Election.

In the end, it was won by the People Action's Party Michael Palmer, who garnered 54.53 per cent, or 16,969 out of a total of 31,671 votes. The Workers' Party's candidate, Lee Li Lian, won 41.02 per cent of the votes.

From Asiaone, "SDA's Desmond Lim to lose election deposit".


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