Blogger Jiang Lai threatened to suicide over a hotel deposit?!?!

Surprise, surprise...not! Ms. Jiang Lai makes it to the news again. No, it's no longer about her argument that only ACS(I) boys are worth dating.

This time she's in trouble with the police as she threatened to kill herself at a hotel. She refused to place a deposit and as her life is so cheap, she threatened to commit suicide. (Don't ask me about the logic...or the total absence of it!)

Yes, I can imagine the scenario might somewhat like the following:
Ms Jiang Lai (in Chinese?): What deposit? I'd rather kill myself. Right here! Right now!

The Police: Hold on, Miss! Why don't we discuss this further in a more conducive environment, say, the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Do you know (hey, it's time to impress by showing you know what you're talking about! NOW TAKE A DEEP BREATH IN) that "Besides providing psychiatric services, IMH also undertakes to coordinate and oversee research and training of clinicians in psychiatry. Over the years IMH has established a significant reputation for quality psychiatry research. Research funding and the number of research projects undertaken have doubled in 2006. Their pool of psychiatrists and psychologists are also authors of many research papers and lay publications on mental well-being." (Note: Refer to the Profile page of IMH)


Well, time to check out the YouTube in case some resourceful people did witness this drama, recorded & uploaded it to YouTube. Nah, nada!

Jiang Lai, 23, the local blogger who shot to internet fame after she commented that only ACS(I) boys are worth dating, is now in trouble with the police. On May 13, she threatened to kill herself at a hotel and was arrested.

According to a report in The New Paper today (May 24), the blogger had tried to check in at the Fairmont Singapore for a week's stay on May 13. However, when she was asked to place a deposit, she created a ruckus at the hotel and even threatened to commit suicide at one point. Later, she also started mumbling incoherently.

Police said they received a call at 9.05pm on May 13, requesting assistance at a hotel located at Bras Basah Road. A 23-year-old woman was subsequently arrested and later referred to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Miss Jiang also had a police report lodged against her earlier, after she allegedly threatened on her blog to pour acid on a woman's face on May 7. A police spokesperson has confirmed this, and the case has been classified as attempted extortion, with investigations still ongoing.

Psychiatrists believe that Miss Jiang's vindictive and angry blog entries were a cry for attention and help, and that she could also be suffering from borderline personality disorder. She may need some professional help, they advised.

"People with borderline personality disorder often feel insecure, inadequate and behave impulsively and irrationally at times," said Dr Ang Yong Guan, a consultant psychiatrist at Paragon Medical.

Miss Jiang claimed that she studied at Reed College, a liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon, USA, but checks have revealed that she last attended classes there from January to May 2010 and is currently not enrolled as a student.

She also said she had consulted a lawyer who agreed to waive his legal fees to represent her against some people she wanted to sue for defamation, but the lawyer had yet to agree to take on her case and had made no mention of waiving his fees at the time of her blog posting. The lawyer did not take up her case in the end, checks revealed.

Miss Jiang has been in the limelight a number of times since her first controversial comment about ACS(I) boys. She also suggested holding a schoolboy 'talent pageant' and later boasted of her uncle who is chief of a television network in China.

From STOMP, "Blogger who said only ACS(I) boys worth dating arrested: She threatened suicide".


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