Blogger down due to maintenance problem ... or hit by the Friday the 13th?

What maintenance problem leading to the problem with As per now, the service has been okay (you can post a new article), but the missing posts during the period of outage are still not yet recovered??

I like what said in its post. "Blogger Down for Second Consecutive Day": "For blogophiles, this is a huge blow. No new postings from your favorite blogs, and no way to blog about the stress this is causing you."

Hur hur. Very true. Yawn. I stayed up this late (it's Saturday 0156 hrs) to just see if my lost 2 blog posts would ever be resurfaced.

Google's Blogger service has been offline or unreliable for much of the day, with Blogger-hosted blogs changed to read-only mode, and posts and comments made after 7:37 a.m. PDT on May 11, 2011, removed.

In a post on the Blogger help forum, the product team said that it had rolled back a scheduled maintenance release from last night and that its "engineers are working hard to return Blogger to normal and restore your posts and comments."

Google's reply for a request for comment was, "The team is working on this." The company has posted some short updates to the Blogger Twitter account and Status blog, but hasn't yet explained what's happening, how widespread it is, or what will happen to users' content.

Blogger had started rolling out its first major redesign in years in April. The team said in a tweet that the outage was not related to launching the new design.

From CNET, "Blogger goes down, taking 30 hours of posts with it".

[UPDATE 2] Service remains unavailable after nearly 24 hours.

According to Blogger Status, posts are currently being restored by the maintenance team.

[UPDATE 1] On Friday, Blogger Status posted an update about the ongoing problem.

"To get Blogger back to normal, all posts since 7:37am PDT on Weds, 5/11 have been temporarily removed," the post read.

Blogger says that service will return "soon," though no timeline was mentioned.


[PREVIOUSLY] Blogger, Google's online publishing platform, has been experiencing a service disruption since Thursday afternoon.

Blogger Status informed users of maintenance issues at 3:30 p.m. ET and wrote that the site would be in read-only mode until the problems were resolved. (The post was later removed.)

As of 9 p.m. ET, blogs were still inaccessible for users. According to DownRightNow, the outage had been uninterrupted for several hours. DownForEveryoneOrJustMe also confirmed the downtime.

Blogger attributes the issue to a problem that occurred during regular maintenance on Wednesday. A post on the Blogger Help Forum explains:

We have rolled back the maintenance release from last night and as a result, posts and comments from all users made after 7:37 am PDT on May 11, 2011 have been removed. Again, we apologize that this happened and our engineers are working hard to return Blogger to normal and restore your posts and comments. We will post a report once this work is complete.

From Huffington Post, "Blogger Down Due To Maintenance Problem (UPDATE)".

If you’re one of the many people that uses Blogger, a free blogging service owned by Google, you may have noticed some issues with your blog lately – namely, that you can’t update it. Blogger users have been locked out of their blogs since Wednesday night when a behind-the-scenes maintenance update went wrong.

Users were informed on Monday that there would be an outage on Wednesday at 10 p.m. PST for an hour-long maintenance update. However, at 11 p.m., Blogger wasn’t back up. Blogger users were unable to update their blogs, and haven’t been able to for about 36 hours. Site content has been put into read-only mode, which means visitors can still come to the blog and read posts, but bloggers just can’t add any new material.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, any posts that were added after 7:37 a.m. PST on Wednesday have been removed. We’re not sure if the content is just missing temporarily, or if the content is gone forever. We’re hoping it’s not the latter.

As those suffering from the PSN outage know, there’s nothing worse than being left in the dark wondering when the service will be back up. Google updated its Blogger Status blog at 6:07 a.m. PST Friday saying it has started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed.

The company said it expects Blogger to be “back to normal soon.” The Blogger help forum confirmed that the problem originated from the scheduled maintenance release from May 11 and said its engineers are working to get the service back to normal.

Owned and operated by Google since 2003, Blogger is mostly used as a personal blog platform. However, Google uses it as its blogging platform for its Gmail and YouTube official blogs among others. This means that if any of these popular services have announced news in the last 36 hours or so, Google has been unable to blog about it.

From, "Blogger down for 36 hours but “will be back to normal soon”".


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