Annie Yi Nengjing nude photo ... but sorry, not during singing

Scroll down to the end of this article to see the photo of not only her without any clothes on, but also two other beautiful ladies.

The angelic Annie Yi Neng Jing denies that she is the young girl singing nude in a see-through dress. (Wait a minute, it's kinda paradox, isn't it? Nude but in a see-through dress? Hmm...)

Anyway, this is not the first time this Taiwan singer-actress is sensationalised in the media. Some time in November 2008, Annie Yi Nengjing asked media to stop publishing 'untrue' reports. The 'untrue' reports refer to Annie's troubled marriage to Taiwan pop singer Harlem Yu Chengqing after the paparazzi photographed her strolling hand-in-hand with Taiwan actor Victor Huang Weide on the streets of Beijing.

I agree with her. It's definitely untrue. How can such an angelic person be involved in that untruth?! After all this is the same Annie Yi Nengjing who posed nude for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in 2006.

Annie Yi Neng, Chinese actress Jiang Qingqing & Hong Kong actress Wu Junru

Taiwan singer-actress Annie Yi Neng Jing has come forward to deny her involvement in clips from a video DVD, showing a young girl singing nude in a see-through dress that have gone viral on the Internet in recent weeks, reported Channel News Asia.

Yi held a press conference to clarify matters in Taiwan on Saturday, reported Taiwan media.

Taiwan tabloid "Next" last week claimed the girl in the video, which looks to have been recorded in 1986, "closely resembled" her in her teenage years.

"I am very sure that (the woman in the video clip) is not me," Yi told reporters.

Yi said the article in "Next", which contained screenshots from the clip, violated her rights as it linked her to the woman in the clip and tarnished her reputation.

She explained that it may have also violated child protection laws because the woman in the video clip appeared to be under-age.

The 42-year-old singer-actress, who separated from ex-husband, Taiwan singer Harlem Yu in 2009, expressed that she had since instructed her lawyers to send a letter to the tabloid.

She left after speaking for just three minutes, leaving her lawyers to answer queries from the media.

When asked why she left so quickly after speaking, Yi said it was simply because she was too angry and did not want to act out in front of the media.

"There was this anxiety borne of rage. I was very afraid I would disgrace myself in public," Yi later told Chinese media.

"I have decided not to overlook hurtful reports about me. Regardless of how remote the possibility of it harming me, I will seek legal redress."

In addition to her own rights, Yi said she decided to speak out in order to defend the rights of the girl featured in the video.

Responding to the statements Yi made at the press conference, a "Next" spokesperson said Yi had "no basis for claiming the girl was underage since she (Yi) is not the girl in question".

The spokesperson re-iterated that the publication "only suggested that the girl resembled Yi but did not say it was her".

From Yahoo! News, ""Not me in the video!"".

It's her in the video! But not as the young girl nude in a see-through dress!


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