5 Possible 'complications' over Nicole Seah online donation

Yes, I did avoid listing down the possible complications in the same previous article of "POLITICAL DONATIONS ACT as easy as ABC...really!".

So what are the potential rooms for error likely caused by Nicole Seah requesting netizens to donate or transfer their hard-earning money to her savings account? Here are 5 of the likely problems:

1. Foreigners may be the ones who donate & there's no way to ascertain if the donors are not foreigners if one chooses to deposit/transfer to her savings account especially if using ATM transfer.

2. Singaporeans who are younger than 21 years old may be the ones who donate. And no, it's not allowed.

3. Unincorporated organisations (such as trade unions, societies, charities, mutual benefit organisations, businesses, professional firms and so on) may be the ones who donate. And ditto, it's not allowed. (Note and disclaimer: Clandestine Regime of Anonymous Bloggers or in short CRAB do not donate to Nicole Seah!)

4. There may be anonymous donation of more than $5,000. And guess what, it's not allowed!

5. Clauses 9 and 15 of the Bill require every political association or candidate or his election agent to take all reasonable steps to identify the donor and to determine whether the donor is a permissible donor before accepting any donation received. How then, this is possible if one is to transfer the money, say, via ATM transfer?

The list may grow longer once I understand more about this Political Donations Act. (Yeah, I'm still struggling to read through its complete content!)

PS. Don't get me wrong. This list is not meant to undermine Nicole Seah. Like what I mentioned before, the NSP chief Mr Goh Meng Seng is supposed to guide his party members to avoid the so-called controversy over election donations.

Nicole can always claim 'ignorance'--and still win our hearts.

Mr Goh cannot.


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