44% of Singapore employers struggle to fill vacancies...due to choosy employees?!

That means, what, Singaporean workforce are choosy?

Yeah. I know you're so tempted to accuse that. Hey, that is my initial reaction too!

But to think further, what if the difficulty of getting the vacancies filled is due to the employers themselves?

The top 2 in the list (for the last 2 years!) are Sales Representatives and Engineers.

Employers (at least almost half of them) fail to attract enough recruits for these 2 positions. Insufficient benefit packages?

Time to do soul-searching, Singapore employers...

ALMOST half of employers in Singapore have problems filling vacancies in their companies, according to a survey conducted by a human resource firm.

Up to 44 per cent of employers have found it difficult to fill critical positions, said ManpowerGroup in a press release on Friday.

Sales representatives and engineering talents were the hardest to recruit, and have topped the list for at least five years. They are followed by technicians and drivers.

Out of all employers interviewed, one-third felt that applicants tend to lack the skills and experience necessary for the job.

This signals an imbalance between the number of available workers in the workforce and the number of qualified workers.

When asked what strategies employers were pursuing to overcome their difficulties filling positions, the most common responses in Singapore were to enhance benefits packages, focusing more on staff retention and broadening recruitment outside of Singapore .

Close to 40,000 employers across 39 countries and territories were questioned in the survey.

Jobs most in demand in 2011 in Singapore

1. Sales Representative
2. Engineers
3. Technicians
4. Drivers
5. Accounting & Finance Staff
6. IT Staff
7. Skilled Trades
8. Customer Service Representatives & Customer Support
9. Labourers
10. Management / Executive (Management / Corporate)

Jobs most in demand in 2010 in Singapore

1. Sales Representative
2. Engineers
3. Production Operators
4. Teachers
5. Customer Service representatives & Customer Support
6. Drivers
7. Management/Executive (Management/Corporate)
8. IT staff
9. Sales Manager
10. Skilled Trades

From Straits Times, "44% of employers struggle to fill vacancies".


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