Wei Shu Ya ... an NTU student survived the knife in her head

Wei Shu Ya. Is she another student with the power of rapid cellular regeneration like the TV series Heroes' Claire Bennet? How can she survive the horrible wound due to knife embedded in her head?

A Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student was taken to hospital yesterday afternoon in what is suspected to be an attempted suicide, after she was found in her hostel room with a knife still embedded in her head.

The incident occurred at NTU's Hall of Residence 1, Block 16.

According to a Shin Min Daily report, the Chinese foreign student was found in a bloodied state by her roommate, who returned to the dormitory to find it locked from the inside.

The roommate then peered into the room through the window and was shocked to find Wei Shu Ya, 21, sprawled motionless on her bed, with the knife protruding from her head.

The Henan native was also found with lacerations on her wrist and other injuries.

The roommate immediately informed security and called for an ambulance.

When medics arrived, they found blood streaming down her face, but her eyes remained open and she was still conscious, reported the Chinese Daily.

But the second-year bio-engineering student shouted and struggled when medics tried to lift her onto the stretcher.

Wei was taken National University Hospital (NUH), where she is reported to be in a stable condition.

According to a police statement, a call was received on April 25 at about 1.10pm informing them that a woman was found lying motionless at NTU.

They are still investigating the case.

An excellent student

According to Shin Min, Wei was an outstanding student, who was on the dean's list in her first year at NTU.

She also reportedly graduated from a Finnish university in 2008.

Her roommate has since moved out of the hostel room after the incident, reported the Chinese daily.

From Edvantage, "NTU student found with knife in head".


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