Wang Shiuan protested with the assist of bikini girls?!?!

Wang Shiuan asked fellow protectors to wear bikini to show that she has nothing to hide. What an irony! Considering she herself was not wearing bikini!! Just take a look at the photo above--from Asiaone--of her (wearing black) and the 8 bikini girls aka fellow protesters. So Wang Shiuan did have something to hide then...

A socialite led a number of young women dressed in bikini yesterday in holding a protest at the Hsinchu Science Park over a dog-walking dispute. Not often seen in public places, the bikini girls caused a stir in the science park and resulted in minor traffic jam as well as a car accident, according to local media reports yesterday.

The 40-year-old Wang Shiuan, daughter of Donald Wang, founder of the Micropore, Inc., together with several ladies in bikini, held banners to accuse the administration of suppression.

Wang, who lives in a rented apartment in the science park, said she had repeatedly received warnings from the administration, reminding her that pets are not allowed in the science park. "I am not the only one who is raising dogs in the science park," she said.

Wang claimed that the administration's action was unfair and apparently done to favor Pai Lien-pin, who also lives in the neighborhood.

Wang and Pai are currently engaged in a legal suit over a dog-walking dispute that happened last year.

Wang added that she asked fellow protectors to wear bikini to show that she has nothing to hide.

She urged the administration to stop intervening in the legal suit.

Pai, wife of ZyXEL's president, filed a suit against Wang last September after Pai's housekeeper was bitten by Wang's dog as the latter was walking it.

In retaliation, the 56-year-old Pai later used a walking stick to hit Wang's dog. She also assaulted Wang with the same stick after the latter came to stop her from attacking the animal.

Wang later filed a lawsuit against Pai. Pai's housekeeper subsequently sued Wang over the dog bite.

From Asiaone, "Bikini girls stage protest over dog-walking dispute".


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