Post-AGM of Genting Singapore: photos, photos and more photos (well, only 10 actually...)

So I 'survived' my very first AGM of Genting Singapore, I decided to soak in the sunny atmosphere of the surroundings (The dirt of politics luckily has not reached the shore of the island. Phew...)

Taken the following photos:

1. The ticket & membership hub for you casino raiders, you...

2. Win the jackpot & bring home that Lamborghini. Yeah!

3. "If there's no candy in Heaven, I'm not going." Cute. Talking about 'candy', by the way the remake-version of "A Chinese Ghost Story" seems to suggest that the ghost falls in love due to the candy. Bleah.

4. I like how in the this photo, the Merlion is contrasting 2D-like. Oh, and colorful too.

5. Candylicious. The photo was taken from the opposite end of the that of photo no.3.

6. Sentosa. And 3D (no duh!) Merlion.

7. The statue called "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin. Wikipedia said that "it depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle". Well in this case, the internal struggle is concerning of...gambling?? Hur hur.

8. The Thinker recoiled in horror (and thus, not really that recognizable unlike that of photo no.7) as there were 2 photographers taking its photo at the same time.

9. I aimed to take this photo with the flags flowing in the air. Failed.

10. Lake of Dreams. Well, a part of it.


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