Online petition against PAP’s Tin Pei Ling - Fielding Ms Tin Pei Ling in SMC

I may be the only supporter of Ms. Tin Pei Ling since this post of mine.

No, I'm surely wrong. Am I? Just google for 'tin pei ling supporters'.

Okay. Bad example.

But still I can hardly believe PAP's move to feature Ms. Tin Pei Ling is a wrong one. Instead I have this worrying thought of how 'ageist' Singaporean netizens are. So she is young. So what?

So her greatest regret is that she didn't manage to bring her parents to Universal Studios. Is that really a lousy answer?! Hey, I find it nice that she thinks about her parents 1st with regards to her greatest regret. A commendable sign of filial piety, no?

When I talk more with my friends about the so-called uproar (and not to mention the curious online petition against her), many of us agree that jealousy might have sparked the little flame ablazed. See, once she's elected to be an MP, she'll be entitled to $15,000 salary per month. And she's only 27! Can't swallow it, can you? (Okay, I admit a pang of jealousy myself, but that's just being humane. So there.)

So in summary? Give her a chance. If every young contestant in this political arena has to be severely censured, do not be surprised that no one (young) is going to be bothered to try to be involved. And that's just plain sad. And we can just forget about the real succession--as there will be no more regeneration in any political party in Singapore.

Dear leaders of the People's Action Party,

Please do not view this as a petition of an opposing view but rather, a note that we care about Singapore and the quality of the Members of Parliament (MP) who represent Singaporeans.

We have deep concerns about Ms Tin Pei Ling’s credential and quality to stand as a People’s Action Party (the “PAP”) candidate for the upcoming General Election. For years, we have trusted the PAP to introduce new good-quality candidates. Since the introduction of Ms Tin and having observed how she had conducted media interviews, we cannot help but feel that PAP might have picked the wrong candidate in Ms Tin this time. We have nothing against new candidates on the basis of age, young or old, but in the case of Ms Tin, we are concerned that she demonstrated the lack of maturity and the big picture awareness that are essential attributes to champion issues for the people in the parliament. For example, during a media interview immediately following her introduction as a PAP candidate, when asked by a reporter what her greatest regret was, she said her greatest regret thus far was not being able to bring her parents to the Universal Studio. We were appalled by her poorly conceived response that lacked judgment, perspective and discretion. There were also strong reactions on the internet that cited other opposing reasons towards Ms Tin’s candidacy which we will not list here.

The strong reactions against Ms Tin have spread and tarnished the reputation of the PAP. Singaporeans are genuinely concerned about undeserving candidates being inducted into parliament, not on their own merit, but rather on the back of established MPs of the ruling party in some Group Representation Constituencies (the “GRCs”). To let Ms Tin prove that she is indeed a worthy candidate that can stand up to the challenge, we urge the PAP to field Ms Tin in a SMC instead of “protecting” her under the shield of a GRC. This will give Singaporeans a chance to judge and accept Ms Tin and give her a chance to prove herself and experience the real baptism of fire.

We thank you for listening to our views.

Petition Originator: Ti Kiang Heng

From Online Petition, "Fielding Ms Tin Pei Ling in SMC".


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