[OMG] Ji Hyun Ji the Cutey Yellowish who last brushed her teeth 10 years ago

Unbelievable. This 20-year-old Korean girl, Ji Hyun Ji is rightly named as 'Cutey Yellowish'. She's cute, alright, but you do NOT want to see her teeth.

I nevertheless like her twisted logic about how the food scraps actually protect her teeth.

EVERYONE has a special habit. However, sometimes they get so carried away as to shock others. Martian Virus, a popular TV programme from tvN based in Seoul, introduces those with habits or characteristics that are grotesque, but those they are proud of nonetheless.

The show is to introduce a girl whose habit does match her beautiful outward appearance. Known as 'Cutey Yellowish,' she stopped brushing her teeth a decade ago. The last time she remembers doing so was when her mother brushed teeth for her.

'I do not understand why people should brush teeth, as it is not like others will look into your mouth,' said Ji Hyun Ji, 20. 'As food scraps pile on, they will actually protect my teeth.'

She only wipes her front teeth with tissue on 'special' occasions.

The show is planning to reveal dentists' diagnosis, which they claim is the most shocking of their careers. Though Ms Ji has forgotten how to brush her teeth, the programme will also try to persuade Ms Ji to do so again, according to producer Lee Geun Chan.

From Straits Times, "Girl claims she did not brush her teeth for 10 years".


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