The murderer of Agnes Kharisma is ... her MOTHER?!?!

The murder of Agnes Kharisma is solved. The killer is her own mother, Milly Patti. The motive? The victim apparently treated her badly. So much for the Indonesian saying, "Cinta ibu sepanjang jalan; cinta anak sepanjang gala". (In English, it can be taken as "a mother's love is timeless, her kid's love is...NOT".

Police investigators working on the gruesome murder of a 19-year-old teenager on Saturday re-enacted how the suspects — the victim's mother, stepbrother and a friend — dumped her body.

The body of 19-year-old Agnes Kharisma was found in a gutter in Jagakasara, South Jakarta, on Feb. 13. At first, the police focused their investigations on Agnes’s foreign boyfriends, but their suspicion later shifted to the victim’s mother, Milly Patti.

Saturday's re-enactment was conducted at the murder scene, Agnes's rented house at Jalan Sirsak, Jagakarsa.

Milly was escorted by the police along with the two other suspects, her stepson Sonny and his friend Warto. Police say Milly has confessed to paying her stepson and his friend Rp 2 million ($230) to take part in the murder.

Milly smiled to crowd upon arriving at the scene.

“How could you smile? You're heartless!” one of the spectators shouted.

The re-enactment also showed that Milly and her stepson transported Agnes's body using the victim's own motorbike to dispose her body in a nearby gutter. The location was picked because the gutter was covered by tall grass and the street itself is relatively quiet.

Police believe Agnes was strangled and bludgeoned to death on Feb. 7 at her home, before her body was dumped three days later. Her body was found semi-naked with marks around her neck on Feb. 13.

Police said Milly has confessed that she organized the murder because she had been treated badly by her daughter.

“She admitted that she was kicked out of Agnes’ house and she was upset at being treated like that by her own daughter,” South Jakarta Police Chief Sr. Comr. Gatot Eddy Pramono said.

Agnes's friend and neighbor, Iin, said that a week before she was murdered, Agnes had a fight with her mother.

"It was very loud and the neighbors could hear them shouting. It was not the first fight she had with her mother but they would usually resolve it and it's usually about minor things," Iin said, as quoted by news portal

From Jakarta Globe, "Re-enactment Shows How Mother Dumped Daughter's Body".

Jakarta Police Psychology Division head Arif Nurchayo said his side found that MT, who allegedly arranged the murder of her own daughter, 19-year-old Agnes Kharisma, was mentally healthy.

“MT showed no indication of a mental problem during our examination yesterday,” Arif said as quoted by

He said MT killed her daughter not for economic reasons, “but there is a deeper reason that we will investigate further”.

Agnes’ body was found in a South Jakarta gutter in early February. An autopsy revealed that Agnes had been strangled three days before her body was found.

MT was arrested with two other men who allegedly acted as executors for the premeditated murder.

From Jakarta Post, "Murder suspect mentally healthy: Police".

South Jakarta Police say they believe they have solved the mystery of who murdered attractive teenager Agnes Kharisma — the victim’s own mother.

In the early stages of the investigation, police announced they were wanting to speak to three people of interest, including two foreign boyfriends.

On Wednesday, however, South Jakarta Police Chief Sr. Comr. Gatot Eddy Pramono said Agnes’ mother, identified only as ‘M,’ her stepson, 27, and his friend, 31, had been arrested.

“Her testimony kept changing. In the end, she confessed that she killed [Agnes],” Gatot said.

He said M told police that she had been treated badly by her daughter and murdered her.

“She admitted that she was kicked out of Agnes’ house and she was upset at being treated like that by her own daughter.”

Agnes was found dead and semi-naked in a gutter on Jalan Joe in Jagakarsa on Feb. 13. She had marks around her neck.

Gatot said the accused had admitted to undressing the victim to make it appear that she had been raped.

The mother, M, allegedly paid her stepson and his friend Rp 2 million to take part in the murder.

From Jakarta Globe, "Shock Arrest for Murder of Jakarta Teenage Girl".


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