Ms Jiang Lai (Only date ACSi boys!) should be featured by Opposition!!

Indeed, Ms Jiang Lai ( should consider joining politics. Opposition Parties should have started to woo her to joining their ranks! She can be their answer to PAP's youngest (and much spoken about) candidate Ms Tin Pei Ling. At the very least, there's no online petition against Ms Jiang Lai yet.

So what's the great deal about this Ms Jiang Lai? She had created a buzz when her blog post was featured by STOMP in "Only date ACSi boys, says relief teacher. Chinese High and RI guys are 'ugly'".

Hard 'truth'? Well, let's not go into that discussion.

She for sure is entitled with her opinion.

For many anonymous out there (yours truly, inclusive), you need to learn the kind of 'dare' like that of hers. Just take a look at her 'Contact Me' page:
Are you an NBA scout?

Are you an incredibly rich handsome capable faithful guy who has fallen in love with me and doesn’t care that I’m in love with someone else?

Are you a visually and mentally challenged imbecile who hates me to the core and wants to challenge me to an argument on the Finer Points of Inner Beauty?

If the answer is yes, please contact me at

(65) 85189031

Featuring her handphone no. Fearless. A trait that any decent Opposition will need, no?

Yet another blogger has expressed the view that boys from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) make great boyfriends.

This time, there is extra interest as the blogger herself is a relief teacher at a local primary school.

According to a netizen who stumbled upon her blog: "I came across this blog created by a relief teacher in Singapore."

"She compared boys from all-boys schools, and described boys from Chinese High and Raffles Institution as being 'ugly' and that St Andrews boys are 'imitated goods of ACS(I)'.

The netizen was appalled by her conclusion that only ACS(I) boys were 'worth dating'.

"She described ACS(I) boys as being 'rich, spoilt, pampered, arrogant players, but NEVER ugly, cowardly, disloyal, stupid, dumb', comparing the traits of ACS boys to those from other schools.

In an email to STOMP, the netizen says "This relief teacher he even has a checklist for people who hate her -- asking them if their PSLE score is above 260, or if they have been scouted by countless modelling agencies, among others.

"She may be smart, but why must she think so highly of herself?

"I think there will always be someone smarter than you, no matter how intelligent you think you are. But you'll never be wise until you've learnt about humility."

Partially quoted from Edvantage, "Only ACS boys worth dating, says teacher".


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