Genting Singapore AGM 2011 ... now a_x is an enlightened shareholder?

Finally attending the Annual General Meeting of Genting Singapore. Heh. It was held this morning (1000 hrs) at West Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre, Basement 2, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa. (Phew, that is a surprisingly long address, but it was easily found -- thanks to the well-organised staff readily available and with the clear signboard.)

This being the first AGM I intended to attend, I came early. More than enough time to go to the membership counter & applied a Genting Rewards Cardmember. See, there was this bonus 18 GP (Genting Points) awarded for shareholder. (Last year it was 36 points given--but I was unable to be present during last year AGM & thus the points unacclaimed.)

The Executive Chairman of Genting Singapore Mr. Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay & the Director/President and Chief Operating Officer Mr Tan Hee Teck were the ones who did most of the talk (Darn, they did sound very convincing & assuring! Public speaking IS a must if you're a leader, I reckon) and patiently answered the questions from shareholders.

I must emphasized the word 'patiently'. Some shareholders did ask the questions very much irrelevant. For example somebody complained no parking coupon given (actually there were, but they ought to register first!), another made a fuss about the financial report sent in form of a CD (despite the form also given for the shareholders to choose their report sent in an actual booklet), one joker remarked that shareholders were not given water unlike the directors (There were water bottles outside, you lazy bum!!)

Credits to both Mr Tan-s on how patient they answered the ridiculous questions.

Anyway, thank goodness there were other more intelligent questions raised. A lot to learn, in fact. Heh.

1. See, I told you I came early!!

2. When there were more people seated...

3. Yeah. More.

4. An exhausted me trying to take a photo of the lunch packet provided by Genting.

5. Second attempt. (No third attempt because the guy eating beside me started to look annoyed! Heh. Inside the red paper box were a plastic glass full with assorted cuts of fruits and a big piece of sandwich.)


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