The Thinker - in watercolour

Playing with watercolour effect to The Thinker photo featured previously. Not bad, huh?

Post-AGM of Genting Singapore: photos, photos and more photos (well, only 10 actually...)

So I 'survived' my very first AGM of Genting Singapore, I decided to soak in the sunny atmosphere of the surroundings (The dirt of politics luckily has not reached the shore of the island. Phew...)

Taken the following photos:

1. The ticket & membership hub for you casino raiders, you...

2. Win the jackpot & bring home that Lamborghini. Yeah!

3. "If there's no candy in Heaven, I'm not going." Cute. Talking about 'candy', by the way the remake-version of "A Chinese Ghost Story" seems to suggest that the ghost falls in love due to the candy. Bleah.

4. I like how in the this photo, the Merlion is contrasting 2D-like. Oh, and colorful too.

5. Candylicious. The photo was taken from the opposite end of the that of photo no.3.

6. Sentosa. And 3D (no duh!) Merlion.

7. The statue called "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin. Wikipedia said that "it depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle". Well in this case, the internal struggle is concerning of...gambling?? Hur hur.

8. The Thinker recoiled in horror (and thus, not really that recognizable unlike that of photo no.7) as there were 2 photographers taking its photo at the same time.

9. I aimed to take this photo with the flags flowing in the air. Failed.

10. Lake of Dreams. Well, a part of it.

Dr Chee Soon Juan as the Red Lantern??

I too like many of you enjoy the creativity of how politicians (mostly oppositions, so far) depicted in the movie poster.

But I draw a line & ought to voice out my objection when I read in Alvinology II post, "Singapore Election Candidates Spoof Movie Posters" (yes, there are many interesting artworks! Heh.) about how the above poster of Dr Chee Soon Juan is said to refer to the Flash. No Sir, he is no the Flash (not a flasher, either! Hur hur.). That poster for sure refers to that of the Green Lantern. The caption of "No evil shall escape my sight"--that's a giveaway as part of the Green Lantern's oath:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!

Green Lantern movie - scheduled to release in June this year!

But then, why is Dr Chee Soon Juan shown as the Red Lantern? (Yes, this character does exist. There's even the Red Lantern Corps, in fact.)

But as a Red Lantern, Dr Chee must aware that it is not altogether flattering. Check the oath of this rage-spectrum lantern:

With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--That is your fate!

Uh-huh. How appropriate if Dr Chee is perceived as a furious politician full of rage. Well, is he? Perception deceives. Just check out the following YouTube clip, "Chee Soon Juan delivers SDP's election message in Hokkien" in which he speaks so calmly. Yeah. Boring. But it has gathered 126,077 views so far. Well, puzzling...

McDonald's Made Better Integrated

Made Better Integrated Case Study

Made Better - Portraits TV Commercial

Made Better - Double Chicken McGrill TV Commercial

Made Better - Chicken McGrill TV Commercial

McDonald's Made Better Integrated
Agency: DDB Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Joji Jacob
Creative Director: Serene Loong
Art Director: Kiah Lim, Ginny Chan, Yizhen Huang
Copywriter: Jody Yeoh, Timothy Chan
Agency Producer: Karen Leong
Production: Play Films, Lava Films (food)
Director: Royston Tan, Jon Alfirevich (Lava)
Producer: Julie Chung, Carl Siahaan, Melanie Lee (Lava)
Post Production: VHQ
Audio Post: Songzu
Composer: Gerard Fitzgerald
Audio Producer: Donny Pereira
Sound Designer: Damian Waddell

Collage Aesthetic

In a timely way I got to see some images from GA Gardner's portfolio recently that use collage technique to make simple statements and ask certain questions. The collages range from the iconic-political statement to more painterly tributes to collage and black arts and culture. He works in various media such as paint, mixed media and also CGI. The resulting images however are all driven by this method of approaching imagery where he cuts into it and rearranges and pulls out meaning where we queried nothing before. The images 'Black-faced' (above), and 'Foster Mother and Child' (below), in particular speak to this side of his artistic approach. The painterliness that meets magazine page cut-outs can be seen in 'Earthly' and 'Icon' below. 

Limbo - CGI print

ART:Jamaica: You began your career using CGI to make large format images. The CGI images are very painterly and you also make paintings, so what led you from pigment and brush to the computer as an creative tool? 
GA Gardner: I came to the USA in 1988 with the plans of becoming a graphic designer. I didn't really understand all that that entailed but I already had a background in fine art and commercial art in Trinidad.  I also had training as a woodworker. I enrolled in college in the US and took a animation course and from then on I was hooked.  I thought it was fascinating even back then.  I later transferred to a University in San Francisco where I studied more fine art, film and animation, then got accepted to the Ohio State University where I received a Ph.D. in art education and focused on computer graphics and animation.  We were using SGI workstations that were donated to OSU by Industrial Light and Magic after being used to create the movie 'Jurassic Park'.  So very early on I got involved with creating high end 3D graphics and animation. This was not too much of a stretch from what I was already doing in the traditional fine art and commercial art world. In fact traditional fine art and woodwork prepared me for the field of CGI.  Creating texture for digital surfaces is much like painting and building the geometry in 3D is much like building wood structures.  Also I drew on my knowledge in film when it came to lighting CGI subjects.  And being a naturally animated person, well, understanding movement on the computer was not too much of a challenge.  In essence I took all my knowledge of traditional art and brought it to CGI.  Perhaps this is why my CGI images look so painterly. After graduation I began working on large format CGI in print format. I printed on various surfaces with master printers in NYC.  I preferred printing on watercolor paper at the time. 

ART:Jamaica: Does this difference in working method affect as well as enable your artistic process?
GA Gardner: Those of us who were born before the CGI era may find that it is better to sketch first before getting on the computer or to experiment with color using paint and brush before experimenting with digital colors. In essence the computer to me must mimic what I have in mind not vice versa.  I find that I always gravitated towards traditional fine arts methods to resolve issues in the CGI world.

ART:Jamaica: You also have quite a large body of collages that incorporate the act of painting and manual dexterity as well as editing. How have the collages allowed you to develop ideas that the CGI work didn't allow. Tell us about your process in making these collages.
GA Gardner: Doing CGI was a very long process for me.  I had to build the images and geometry of the figures, pose them, create texture, light them and spend all day at the printers working on getting them to look right color wise. It is rewarding but long. In that world I was more of a purist. I did not want any paint or traditional tools to meddle with the final print. It was purely an archival CGI print. It is somewhat of a sterile process.  I later begin working on collages and this to me was the opposite of the spectrum. It required me to get loose with the image to rip parts of a perfectly good photo or text, to incorporate hand written messages, and to most importantly paint on the surface.  I was breaking out of the box I was taught in school.  I was messing things up if only to focus on the message, as opposed to leaving things clean to the point where the technique often overrides the message. When I create a collage I am more free to do anything.  I may start with an underpainting or an abstract background. I then begin building on that surface from background to foreground. I love working on wood as it allows me even more freedom to add various elements to the surface such as nails or metal.  I don't alway go there but I like the idea that I can go there if if I wish. Ironically, I try to stay off the computer gathering my raw materials from magazines, posters, and printed material.  I try to cut them up, paying close attention to color, lighting directions, and scale. I cut across cultural, racial and ethnic lines, I am looking for what fits well together to tell my story.  Or in some cases what strongly opposes that creates tension. Selection is a big part of the process.


 ART:Jamaica: In the collages there can be seen influences of other contemporary artists such as Wangechi Mutu, Ellen Gallagher and also references to Romare Bearden. How do you see your work in relation to the work of these other artists? 
GA Gardner: Wow, I like them all. They are all doing great work. Each of them is using college to allow people to see the same thing differently.  We are all somewhat surreal in our approach to creating images. We are all so different yet still we incorporate similar elements. Romare Bearden made giant steps in validating collage as a fine art form and I am inspired by his success.   

ART:Jamaica: Having experience of working in painting, mixed-media and digital media how does the idea of a 'collage aesthetic' represent your ideas and content.
GA Gardner: Collage allows me to connect cross-cultural, cross ethnic forms and identities and blend them on the surface. It gives me freedom to transform and metamorphosis traditional visual perspectives in ways that create new and enriched interpretations of reality.

Foster Mother and Child
ART:Jamaica: Can you discuss some of the core stories and ideas behind your collage images: 'Black-faced' and 'Foster Mother & Child.'
GA Gardner: Opposing images often brings tension. It is the notion that one doesn't fit well with the other and looks out of place. In examining these image the two parts are equally strong thus the tension is greater. This is the same for "Black-faced" as it is with "Foster Mother & Child"  We have a figure that is full of history. It is somewhat disturbing for folks to see but if you don't see color then it is not complicated and there isn't any tension.  That is the problem and that is why it is gets in your head because we see color first and second you see an unconventional roll being played out.  "Foster Mother & Child" is more of a Madonna like figure with the moon behind her in an angelic position and she is nursing her foster child. In an ideal race free world there should be nothing questionable about that. 

GA Gardner is a Trinidadian artist and you can see more of his work and view his information here

What meaning do you find in these images?

Quarter Pounder National Debate

Agency: DDB Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Joji Jacob
Creative Director: Francis Ooi
Art Director: Hwee Chong Chan
Copywriter: Jody Yeoh
Interactive Team: Josephine Peh, Lydia Ong
Agency Producers: Daphne Ng, Karen Leong, Kimie Ong
Client Servicing: Cindy Poh, Peggy Ng, Yih Cheng Yak
Film Production: Two Oceans
Director: Warren Klass
Producer: Aundrea Bligh
Post Production: VHQ
Audio Post: Yellowbox Studios
Audio Engineer: Rennie Gomez
Audio Post Producer: Sarah Tang

ShoutOUT!: Old Places and HERE DVD Launch

Join us in supporting local filmmaking talents as Objectifs Films launches both Here by Ho Tzu Nyen & Old Places by Royston Tan at Books Kinokuniya come 7th May 2011, Saturday, at 1.30 p.m.

Receiving a warm reception when screened at the 2009 Directors' Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival, Here, an experimental film and a love story about mental patients set in a fictional hospital is artist and filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen's first feature film.

Promising filmmaker Royston Tan's Old Places, which was screened on Okto as a special National Day documentary feature in 2010, invites Singaporeans to reminisce yesterday's past today and features the voices of Singaporeans as they recall their memories of disappearing places in Singapore.

Both Ho Tzu Nyen and Royston Tan will be appearing at the DVD launch session.

Details as follows:

7th May 2011 (Saturday)
1.30 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.
Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store, Crossroads


Genting Singapore AGM 2011 ... now a_x is an enlightened shareholder?

Finally attending the Annual General Meeting of Genting Singapore. Heh. It was held this morning (1000 hrs) at West Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre, Basement 2, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa. (Phew, that is a surprisingly long address, but it was easily found -- thanks to the well-organised staff readily available and with the clear signboard.)

This being the first AGM I intended to attend, I came early. More than enough time to go to the membership counter & applied a Genting Rewards Cardmember. See, there was this bonus 18 GP (Genting Points) awarded for shareholder. (Last year it was 36 points given--but I was unable to be present during last year AGM & thus the points unacclaimed.)

The Executive Chairman of Genting Singapore Mr. Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay & the Director/President and Chief Operating Officer Mr Tan Hee Teck were the ones who did most of the talk (Darn, they did sound very convincing & assuring! Public speaking IS a must if you're a leader, I reckon) and patiently answered the questions from shareholders.

I must emphasized the word 'patiently'. Some shareholders did ask the questions very much irrelevant. For example somebody complained no parking coupon given (actually there were, but they ought to register first!), another made a fuss about the financial report sent in form of a CD (despite the form also given for the shareholders to choose their report sent in an actual booklet), one joker remarked that shareholders were not given water unlike the directors (There were water bottles outside, you lazy bum!!)

Credits to both Mr Tan-s on how patient they answered the ridiculous questions.

Anyway, thank goodness there were other more intelligent questions raised. A lot to learn, in fact. Heh.

1. See, I told you I came early!!

2. When there were more people seated...

3. Yeah. More.

4. An exhausted me trying to take a photo of the lunch packet provided by Genting.

5. Second attempt. (No third attempt because the guy eating beside me started to look annoyed! Heh. Inside the red paper box were a plastic glass full with assorted cuts of fruits and a big piece of sandwich.)

Undependable independent candidates???

There were supposed to be 7 independent candidates who might have fancied thinking themselves as Seven Samurai (good show, highly recommended!). Alas, in the real world, their earlier expression to contest in the coming GE is proven to be insufficient.

Four independent candidates make it to the news today. But all with the wrong reason. First is Zeng Guo Yuan who torn his nomination form in panic when reminded by a reporter that he had an unpaid fine due to a previous conviction for molesting a woman. Boo!!

Second and third are about Ooi Boon Ewe and Boon Suan Ban involved in frenetic scrambles to find enough assentors to back their bids for Sengkang West and Mountbatten respectively. Poor planning. They should have gone together with assentors & not last minute, running around crying for help! Double Boo!!

Forth is about Ng Teck Siong who because of his timekeeping (or lack of it) has his candidacy (and four others with him) rejected. Thus, residents of Tanjong Pagar GRC have lost their chances to vote.

Sad. It's always endearing to see independent candidates really battling against the giant political parties. We won't see such a battle happen here for sure. No "Davids vs Goliaths" kind of epic shall be witnessed for (again) this year GE. The only thing that the independent candidates might have gained is publicity. Congratulations!!

Independent candidates Ooi Boon Ewe, a 70-year-old former tutor, and Mr Boon Suan Ban, a 53-year-old remisier with OCBC, were involved in frenetic scrambles to find enough assentors to back their bids for Sengkang West and Mountbatten respectively.

A third, Mr Zeng Guo Yuan, turned up in a yellow baju kurung and a songkok. When reminded by a reporter that he had an unpaid fine - from a previous conviction for molesting a woman - that could bar him from running, he tore up an envelope, believed to contain his nomination documents, and stormed off.

Although up to seven Independent candidates had earlier expressed interest in contesting the GE, none made it to the contest in the end, just like in the 2006 GE.

Partially quoted from TODAY, "The drama on nomination day ...".

The team of independent candidates alleged that they were treated unfairly in their attempt to file their nomination papers to contest the Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency (GRC) - leading to their disqualification - but the Elections Department declared yesterday that everything was done according to the law.

Socialist Front chairman Ng Teck Siong said he and a team mate, former Singapore Malay National Organisation (PKMS) secretary-general Nazem Suki, had submitted their nomination forms 5 minutes before the official deadline at noon.

However, the team alleged, they were disqualified on a technicality and for submitting their forms late.

Setting the record straight in a statement issued yesterday evening, an Elections Department spokesperson said: "A group of aspiring candidates turned up at the Nomination Centre at Singapore Chinese Girls' School but they did not deliver their nomination papers with the necessary documentation on time."

The spokesperson cited the Parliamentary Elections Act which states that the papers would be rejected if all procedures such as "every nomination paper and GRC certificates shall be delivered … (by) persons seeking nomination …" are not carried out between 11am and noon.

Mr Ng's five-man team left hastily after a walkover was declared in Tanjong Pagar GRC, which is led by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

When reporters caught up with them, the team members, who had scrambled to raise funds through social media and by getting help from local actresses, were visibly upset.

"We suffered a loss in terms of our time and effort. I'm sad and disappointed," said Mr Ng.

According to Mr Ng, the team turned up at 11.25am but their seconder, who he claimed had been "threatened", did not turn up.

Upon submitting amended forms, Mr Ng claimed the team was disqualified.

He said the team intends to file a complaint with the Elections Department alleging bias .

Both Mr Ng and Mr Nazem could not be reached for further comments following the Elections Department's response to their allegations.

The two men's unsuccessful bid to stand in Tanjong Pagar GRC - uncontested since 1991 - will also leave Mr Nazem and Mr Ng without any political party membership.

The PKMS confirmed that it had received Mr Nazem's resignation filed yesterday morning.

Earlier, the Socialist Front also said that Mr Ng would have to resign if he chose to contest with another party. Its secretary-general Chia Ti Lik said yesterday that the party has not received any word from Mr Ng.

From TODAY, "Independent team was late with their forms".

PS. The above 3 screenshots were from mypaper - hardcopy edition today.

Book Typeface

This is a collaboration with a local artist, Hwee Chong Chan.
When arranged and viewed from an angle, books can be converted into fonts.

This Singaporean lady engineer learnt from porn to save her marriage...

Two words: well done!! So porn films should be legalised in Singapore then? A happy marriage is very likely leading to more children. (Especially if those porn films 'discourage' the use of protection. Heh.)

AN ENGINEER saved her marriage using the 'tricks' she learned from porn films, China Press reported.

The Singaporean woman said she started watching porn films after reading a pornographic magazine sent by her friend from Australia eight years ago.

However, she said, she became addicted to these films about three years ago after her husband started giving her the cold shoulder.

The 32-year-old said she learned many tips sexually and emotionally in managing a relationship from the films, and saved her marriage.

From Straits Times, "Engineer saved her marriage by watching porn".

Who is the stupid guy who declared on the Internet he inteded to burn his voting slip & ballot box on Polling Day?!

Stupid guy. What a waste of resources by the Singapore Police Force to investigate & nab this idiot! Please fine him mercilessly!!

The Singapore Police Force have arrested a male Singaporean for declaring on the Internet that he intended to burn his voting slip and ballot box on Polling Day.

Police officers arrested the 32-year-old suspect at his Ang Mo Kio home on April 25 after they received information about him.

Follow-up investigations showed that the suspect had posted comments online about intending to burn his voting slip and ballot box on Polling Day.

He was also believed to have posted a comment that suggested causing hurt to Members of Parliament.

The subject was arrested for the offence of Communicating an Electronic Record Containing Incitements to Violence under the Penal Code.

If found guilty, he can be imprisoned up to 5 years, fined, or both.

A statement released by the police said the force takes threats of violence to the conduct of the electoral process and threats of violence against persons seriously.

Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Assistant Commissioner of Police Hoong Wee Teck said those who made such remarks online and think that they can hide behind the Internet's anonymity will be found out.

"Police will investigate such reports and spare no efforts in taking the culprits to task," he said.

From Asiaone, "Man arrested for threatening to burn voting slip and ballot box".

SINdie needs people to be in a crazy music video!

SINdie is shooting a music video soon and it's a crazy irreverent twist to an often-heard national song. How timely with all the election fever going on! It is officially Part 2 to a a project we started last year, where we interviewed about 30 leading voices in Singapore films and arts on how they would direct a national song video differently. Click on the video above to see what they said!

We are now taking most of these ideas and putting them into a single music video! Challenging but possible. You be the witness.

For now, we want people who are interested to:
1) act or
2) sing or
3) appear in a music video or
4) contribute props

Simply write to or call Jeremy Sing at 91870187.

Wei Shu Ya ... an NTU student survived the knife in her head

Wei Shu Ya. Is she another student with the power of rapid cellular regeneration like the TV series Heroes' Claire Bennet? How can she survive the horrible wound due to knife embedded in her head?

A Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student was taken to hospital yesterday afternoon in what is suspected to be an attempted suicide, after she was found in her hostel room with a knife still embedded in her head.

The incident occurred at NTU's Hall of Residence 1, Block 16.

According to a Shin Min Daily report, the Chinese foreign student was found in a bloodied state by her roommate, who returned to the dormitory to find it locked from the inside.

The roommate then peered into the room through the window and was shocked to find Wei Shu Ya, 21, sprawled motionless on her bed, with the knife protruding from her head.

The Henan native was also found with lacerations on her wrist and other injuries.

The roommate immediately informed security and called for an ambulance.

When medics arrived, they found blood streaming down her face, but her eyes remained open and she was still conscious, reported the Chinese Daily.

But the second-year bio-engineering student shouted and struggled when medics tried to lift her onto the stretcher.

Wei was taken National University Hospital (NUH), where she is reported to be in a stable condition.

According to a police statement, a call was received on April 25 at about 1.10pm informing them that a woman was found lying motionless at NTU.

They are still investigating the case.

An excellent student

According to Shin Min, Wei was an outstanding student, who was on the dean's list in her first year at NTU.

She also reportedly graduated from a Finnish university in 2008.

Her roommate has since moved out of the hostel room after the incident, reported the Chinese daily.

From Edvantage, "NTU student found with knife in head".

... and a "Girlfriend"

Yeah. You need a "Girlfriend"! Admit it. (Kind of sexist, really. Just like in the previous post of You need a "Boyfriend"!)

You need a "Boyfriend"...

Lol. I love how sullen the expression of the 'boyfriend'.

ART LEXING going Dutch!

We are thrilled to share with you the news that 3 of ART LEXING's artists Cui Xiuwen, Maleonn and Ye Hongxing will be showing at our partner gallery RIZE Gallery in Amsterdam opening on the 27th of May!

April 22nd Lexing Zhang nominated as a trustee of MOCA North Miami marketing committee

We are pleased to announce that ART LEXING's founder and director Lexing Zhang has just been nominated as a trustee of MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) North Miami's marketing committee, a brain trust of progressive professionals, artists, members, marketers, community leaders and the like who meet periodically to address opportunities for MOCA. 

The commitment would be for one season (June 2011 - June 2012) 

Known as the museum “where new art is discovered,” MOCA is internationally recognized as a force in defining new trends and directions in contemporary art. The museum originates most of its own exhibitions, presenting an exciting mix of both emerging and legendary artists. Visitors from around the world are drawn to its permanent collection reflecting the most important developments in contemporary art.

MOCA presents a continuous calendar of lectures by renowned artists and critics, film screenings, concerts, and cutting edge performances. It has attracted nationwide attention for highly original education and outreach programs that make contemporary art accessible, understandable, and enjoyable to people of all ages.

MOCA members enjoy special entrée to the art world in Miami and beyond. Through enrichment programs, cultural travel and social events, members are provided dynamic opportunities to enhance their understanding of contemporary art and develop relationships with collectors and art enthusiasts from around the world.
In April 2007, MOCA unveiled architectural plans for the expansion and renovation of its current facility.  The expansion's concept plan was designed by Charles Gwathmey. The expansion will triple MOCA's current exhibition space and offer the public ongoing access to its permanent collection.  The 27,000 square-foot expansion (20,000 square feet of new and 4,000 square feet of remodeled space) of MOCA's current 23,000 square foot facility will also include such features as an education wing, expanded space to present concurrent exhibitions and public programs, new art storage facility and enhanced public areas.

MOCA’s permanent collection reflects significant artistic developments in contemporary art by emerging and established artists from the U.S. and abroad. John Baldessari, Dan Flavin, Dennis Oppenheim, Alex Katz, Nam June Pak, Uta Barth, Teresita Fernandez, Gary Simmons, Jose Bedia, Anna Gaskel, Mariko Mori, John Bock, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parreno, Edward Kienholz, Raymond Pettibon, and Matthew Ritchie are among the artists whose works are included in the collection.

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