Tarnation!! Kelly Ong Xiao Wei aka KellyMILKIES criticised for being unintelligible?!

Is she exercising her 'High Five Denial' spell now?

I'm sure the hardcore fans of the Official (well, almost) KellyMILKIES Fan Club are seething in their righteous fury.

Ms. Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, the real identity of KellyMILKIES,

Meanwhile Bryantan123 continue her dismay against this diva (by the way Ms. Kelly Ong Xia Wei also has a blog titled, "The diva and her demons" at http://kellymilkies.tumblr.com/) in Hardwarezone forum, "I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR U Kelly Ong Xiao Wei". As per now, bryantan123 status shown as 'banned'. It just shows a possibility that there are harwarezone administrators who are also fans of KellyMILKIES...that, or they just simply don't tolerate profanity. Heh.

Well, if you are like me who is clueless about this supposedly popular girl. You may want to check her YouTube channel, "kellyMILKIES Channel aka kellycraft tv".

A screenshot of kellycraft tv

Or check her out in Twitter, "Kelly Ong Xiao Wei (kellymilkies)"...

A SINGAPOREAN commentating in one of the world's biggest computer gaming leagues is getting flak for her supposedly incomprehensible pronunciation.

Ms Kelly Ong, 21, is the only Singaporean working in the GOMTV Global StarCraft II League (GSL), a large tournament-based league held on location in Seoul, South Korea.

Gamers say...

Mog[skynet] from Arizona: 'I watched that whole replay and I think my ears are bleeding. There are parts where she's not bad, but when she starts trying to explain strategy and/or talks fast, I can't really understand her.'

zedman1991 from Seattle: 'I didn't think it was TOO horrible, but she definitely needs to learn a bit more about the game. Some of it was unintelligible, and some of it wasn't really correct or was missing some important points.'

BryanTan123 from Singapore: 'I have no respect for u Kelly Ong. Your faux Australian accent is f***ing irritating. U haf no right commentating in Code A.'

An1Ma from the Netherlands: 'Though she is not speaking English fluently, it is good enough for me and her looks are great as well.'

Thowky in Britain: 'She's not the best caster in the world but she's decent enough and her accent really isn't as strong as people make it out to be, certainly not as strong as a lot of UK and other accents I hear on a daily basis.'

From Straits Times, "Game off for Asian accent".


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