Miera Leyana: "My dress is too sexy for Malaysia ... and I'm sorry."

I really don't get it: why should the beautiful Malaysian actress Miera Leyana apologize for wearing a dress considered "too sexy"?!

She should have stood her ground. Her choice of clothing is hers and hers only. The hypocrites guests in the night event in Le Meridien hotel should have kept their eyes fixed not to her breasts! Goodness...

PS. I check her blog, "All About Miera Leyana" (http://mieraleyana88.blogspot.com/) and at least, I'm glad there is no such apology mentioned in her blog.

Malaysian actress Miera Leyana has apologized for wearing a dress that was “too sexy” at a Friday night event in Le Meridien hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The tight-fitted number, which showed off the sides of her breasts, apparently made guests at the event uneasy.

Some even went on to tell her off, it was reported.

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone,” the actress later told mStar Online at the event.

“I thought the dress was really pretty when I saw it but I didn’t have time to try it on. I got it just earlier today and I didn’t know it would look like this on me.”

“I can’t wear a tube with this either. It has a bareback so it’ll look funny,” she added.

Miera, who is set to appear in the upcoming film Apokalips (Apocalypse), said she will be more careful with her future wardrobe choices.

From Asiaone, "Malaysian actress says sorry for 'too sexy' dress".


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