Janet Khoo - a damsel in distress

Poor Janet Khoo (Janet Khoo Kheng Hoon). She lost his brother, a businessman Khoo Kim Leong, murdered early this month--and now worrying about her safety and her family's.

Let's see how fast this case solved by Malaysia's Finest (yeah, the police are whom I meant). It's reported that revenge was believed to be the motive behind the gruesome murder. Revenge against the businessman or the TV celebrity herself?

Screen and TV celebrity Janet Khoo, listed by a men's magazine as one of the 100 sexiest women in the country, is fearing for her life following the gory death of her brother early this month.

Businessman Khoo Kim Leong, 47, was reportedly beaten up and strangled before his body was thrown into a ravine at Lembah Pangsun, near here.

A passer-by found the decomposed body while walking in the area at about 11.40pm on March 6.

Kim Leong was found dead with his legs tied and his body wrapped in a mattress.

It is believed that he was involved in a heated argument before his tragic death.

Trying hard to hold back her tears, a distraught Janet, 39, said it was painful to talk about her brother's brutal murder.

"His death was so tragic. It's a police case now. I'm sorry I can't reveal the details because my life and my family's life are in danger right now," she told the Daily Chilli, the news portal of The Star.

"It's so painful to see my brother's body which was beyond recognition.

"I am still shocked over what had happened and hope the public will give me and my family some time to calm down."

Janet had appeared in award-winning TV dramas and films, including a lead role in the 2003 blockbuster Paloh about the confrontation between the Japanese occupation forces and the local people in the 1940s and the self-produced Haryati for Astro Ria in 2005.

Janet said she and her family had been advised by the police to take precautions because revenge was believed to be the motive behind her brother's murder.

"I'm not even allowed to discuss his funeral details. I hope my fans and my media friends can understand my situation.

"I appreciate everyone's concern. But at present, I need to protect my family and myself," she said.

Meanwhile, police said they had detained two suspects in their 30s for questioning.

From Asiaone, "Celebrity advised to be cautious following brother's murder".


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