Dynamic Duo in Crimes - selling clients contact details with stolen (?!) prepaid envelopes

Mahesalingam Kanasalingam & Lucas Lin Han Tian. The founders of Dynamic Events of which its actual business nature seems to involve selling of the UOB's clients list to businesses like spa chains & insurance firms. Who cares about the bank secrecy laws, right? Moreover stolen prepaid envelopes can also be utilised-2,070 envelopes stolen from UOB by Mahesalingam!!

A FORMER customer service manager at United Overseas Bank (UOB) was jailed 4 1/2 months on Wednesday for selling the names and contact details of the bank's high-net-worth clients to businesses like spa chains and insurance firms.

But Mahesalingam Kanasalingam, 30, and his accomplice Lucas Lin Han Tian, 29, made the mistake of using UOB's postage pre-paid envelopes to save on mailing costs. A recipient grew suspicious upon noticing that the envelope which came with the duo's flyer featured UOB's return address, which had been blacked out with a marker pen.

The bank was informed. Arrangements were then made for the recipient, who knew a vice-president at UOB, to buy a list of 250 names for $500 in November 2008. The names were found to be an exact match to UOB's customer database. Mahesalingam was also fined $1,000 for stealing 2,070 envelopes from UOB which were found in Lin's flat in a police raid in August 2008.

Lin, a former personal financial consultant with Standard Chartered Bank was jailed for a month last June for violating similar bank secrecy laws. He was also fined $10,000 for selling the particulars of UOB clients, which he had obtained from Mahesalingam.

The two Singaporeans had set up Dynamic Events in August 2008, purportedly to organise events. Instead, they wrote to spas, beauty salons and insurance firms, using Dynamic Events' letterhead, offering to sell them mailing lists of affluent individuals at $3 per head.

When investigators closed in, Mahesalingam threw the hard disk drive he had been using. He claimed trial to the charge of destroying evidence but was found guilty and convicted on Feb 14. He then pleaded guilty on March 8 to 10 charges of disclosing confidential customer information to Lin and to two charges of accessing the data without authority. He was also fined $1,000 for theft of the pre-paid envelopes.

From Straits Times, "Ex-UOB employee jailed for selling client list".


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