Adrianne Palicki (not Megan Fox!) is the new Wonder Woman - but not using Jim Lee's design of costume

It is official. Adrianne Palicki is the new Wonder Woman! Not Megan Fox--pity she looks great in this poster, don't you think?

The new costume of Adrianne Palicki's Wonder Woman (that is she wearing a blue shiny pants and blue boots) is however unlike the LATEST costume of Wonder Woman by Jim Lee: Wonder Woman with dark leggings, a studded denim jacket, spurs on her heeled boots and gloves. See the sketch here.

And in case you wonder what the Lynda Carter--the original Wonder Woman--think about the new reincarnation (at least in the style & wardrobe collection) of the character Wonder Woman. It's surprisingly positive.

More about this TV show--partially quoted from GeekTyrant:
This reboot will be a lot different too. In addition to her Diana Prince alter ego, this time Wonder Woman will have a day job as Diana Themyscyra, the head of Themiscyra industries. The series will be very similar to Iron Man and the Tony Stark character where everyone will know that Ms. T and Wonder W are the same.

The next bit of news makes me groan with displeasure. Apparently Diana has a trendy crew of 20 something techie and science geeks that live in her basement and help her solve crimes in further episodes.

Here are some details on who her character is and what motivates her emotionally. This new Wonder Woman:

* Relates to ET the Extra Terrestrial when his movie comes on TV.
* Loves planes.
* Loves Steve and wishes they could be together.
* Yearns to belong and be “among” people, not just “with” them.
* Sings along to the radio in multiple scenes.
* Hates being “marketed, commercialized, merchandised”, though she is – there’s a joke about Wonder Woman tie-in dolls having their costumes redesigned that seems to reference the recent makeover for the comics.
* As Diana Prince she’s a mousey Miley Stewart, when she’s Diana Themiscyra she’s the Hanna Montana of businesswomen, and she will only be Wonder Woman twice in the pilot episode.
* Is a capitalist.

Very interesting, GeekTyrant. Heh.


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