SPH Red Apple Day 2011 - Not about the goodies, you cheapskate! Prove I'm wrong!!

For the first time ever (?!) there would be goodies offered to blood donors for this event by SPH. I will beg the donors to continue do the good deed and politely refuse the goodies! C'mon there should not be any kind of incentives, should there? And now is not the time to start giving out goodies for those who donate blood. Let it stay an act of giving--for the sake of giving, and nothing more.

PS. For the clueless, google for "sph red apple day" and you'll chance upon some interesting articles about this event.

Some points to list:
- SPH launched the Red Apple Day blood drive in 2001 as one of the company´s ways of contributing to society as a good corporate citizen. (Source: SPH, "SPH Red Apple Day".)

- The Singapore Red Cross requires at least 350 units of blood daily to meet the transfusion needs of patients in Singapore. Currently, the average collection rate is 250 units daily. (This is from a 2008 article, "SPH's Red Apple Day inspires new blood donors"--so perhaps now the no of blood units needed is more...or less. Likewise the average collection rate. Update: the required figure of 350 units of blood daily stays the same for that of this year.)

- Traditionally, the event was held in the middle of the year. For the first time this year, SPH has decided to hold an additional blood donation drive during the festive period to help the Bloodbank tide over the dry spell. (Source: SPH, "SPH Red Apple Day 2011".)

If you are an AsiaOne reader, come down to SPH and be a blood donor to get yourself an exclusive AsiaOne gift on 25 Jan, 2011 and 7 Jul, 2011.

Simply print out this page and show it to us at the AsiaOne booth on the above days during the blood donation drive and we will give you a choice of an AsiaOne jacket, T-shirt, notebook or iPhone 4 cover (while stocks last and subject to availability) after you have done your good deed.

Or, if you prefer to save on paper and own a smartphone, just bookmark our mobile web page on your phone and show it to us on the day of the blood donation drive to get yourself a goodie too!

Remember, all gifts are while stocks last!

Facts on blood donation
- Donating blood should not hurt. A local painkiller is injected before the insertion of the donation needle to minimize any pain during blood donation.

- How much blood will be collected? If you weigh between 45 and 50 kg, 350ml of blood will be taken. If you weigh above 50kg, 450 ml of blood will be taken. 8 to 12 per cent of your circulating blood volume is taken during each blood donation. The volume of blood donated will be replenished in 72 hours if you have sufficient fluid intake.

- All blood collection instruments are disposed permanently after each use.

- All blood collections are conducted by qualified & trained staff.

- Blood donations do not cause weight gain.

- It takes only 45 minutes to donate one unit (450ml) of blood. This can save the lives of 3 people.

- Currently, only 30% of donors are women. So ladies, stand up and be counted!

SPH Red Apple Day
Dates: 25 Jan 2011 and 7 Jul 2011
Time: 12pm - 5pm
Venue: SPH News Centre, Auditorium (1000 Toa Payoh North, Level 1, Singapore 318994).

From Asiaone, "Help save lives. Be a blood donor".


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