ID-SaTEE by 8 young female artists

artSoulution # 3
Art Exhibition “ID-SaTEE” By 8 young female artists

Opening 4th March 2011 at6:30 pm.
Display on 4th March - 8th April 2011
@ Teeoli-d’ walks of art space

“Spiritual aesthetic and self – actualization from the upcoming female artist”

Obviously that numbers of male artist predominate the female artist.
This does not signify that artpieces from female artist is unacceptable or woman has little interest in art.

Many effect from social, culture and/or environment that do not support woman make the situation occur internationally
and also in Thailand erstwhile.

Social progress develops the way people open themselves in expressing their idea without any sexual limitation including in the art field thuscreate many original artpieces from new female artist. In order to acquire the spiritual aesthetic from woman who has their own concept about their social surrounding, culture influence, self-actualization,and sensuous perception about the sexual influence in creating art ; ID-SATEE – the art exhibition – then becomes one of the supporting art activity for upcoming female artist to exhibit their original inventive
artwork which had been refine and affirm by leading art institution.

The objective is to express the interpretation of incident having on social by female artist,
and also to broadcast the artworks which in turn create an experiences exchange and public knowledge to the audience.

Ms.Chitmanee Chongwitookit
Ms.Jiratchaya Pribwai
Ms.Kahat Sujipisut
Ms.Marisa Eaimwong
Ms.Soontaree Chaleawpong
Ms.Supprark Nupprart
Ms.Suriwan Sutham
Ms.Vinita Sethsoontree


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