Pierre Png did involve in road rage incident...

Yes. It's official. Can remove the word 'alleged' in the previous post. The MediaCorp artiste shares his side of the story on a road rage incident which took place on Friday afternoon on the Pan Island Expressway. He's said to be "disappointed" at how the brief incident ("less than two minutes") "has been blown out of proportion". He intends to "make a police report".

The local actor was accompanying his wife, Andrea De Cruz, at her routine checkup in the hospital when he received a text message from a reporter, seeking to clarify an incident which took place on the expressway hours ago in the afternoon.

According to a local website where the photo of the celebrity was posted, the driver claimed that Pierre's car had "swerved into my lane without the slightest consideration that I was less than 10 metres behind"

The driver also said that he "reacted quickly by slamming on my brakes" and decided to honk at Pierre's vehicle to "indicate to the driver that what he just did was dangerous." He admitted that he did "gestured" to the actor "with my hands" and also "did curse and swear at the reckless driver in the privacy of my car."

Over a phone interview with xinmsn on Friday night, Pierre Png and his wife shared that they was "shocked" at how things were blown out of proportion by a local driver, who had sent in a photo of the actor and his stationary vehicle to the website.

According to Pierre who was driving along the PIE (Pan Island Expressway) on Friday afternoon, he indicated his intention to switch lanes and did so when "all of the sudden, I saw a car that was initially two cars from me, speed up to just the back of my car."

Calling it a "close brush" Pierre added, "He almost rammed into the back of my car. I decided to slow down to see if our vehicle was bumped."

"Before I got out of the car, I thought the guy had flicked the finger. When I got out and walked to the other car, the guy showed me the middle finger. I asked him 'What's going on? Why flick the finger?' The driver looked away, refused to explain what just happened, and maintained ignorance."

"I decided to take pictures of his license plate because we originally intended to report the incident to the traffic police," said Pierre.

Commenting on the incident which lasted for "less than two minutes", Pierre said that he is "disappointed" at the way things have turned out.

"I initially decided to overlook the whole thing after we drove off. However, now that the matter has been blown out of proportion, I am intending to make a police report."

From Xin MSN, "Pierre Png involved in road rage incident".


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