Jayne Goh aka eastcoastlife aka president (?) of the Association (?) of Bloggers (Singapore) apologized for defamation

Boo to Jayne Goh aka eastcoastlife! And boo for Edvantage for putting across the fact that she's the so-called president of the Association of Bloggers (Singapore). When she's being sued for defamation (and admitted her mistake later on & thus apologized), she did so in her position as a mere blogger. Not to represent the organization--no matter how much credibility it lacks. (Just refer to "Association of Bloggers (Singapore) -- And soon there were none?!")

A blogger who was taken to court by an ex-teacher for defamation over an online post has apologised.

According to the Straits Times, blogger Jayne Goh, who was taken to court by retired teacher Mrs Janet Wong, posted an apology on her website and retracted her allegations.

The apology is seemingly part of the settlement of a suit that had been brought against her by Wong.

Goh, 43, an educational consultant who is president of the Association of Bloggers (Singapore), has admitted that she was wrong in claiming that Mrs Wong had been sacked and lost her retirement benefits.

She wrote on her blog: 'I accept that I was wrong when I made this allegation and I very much regret making it.

'I also made statements that could be construed as Janet Wong having personally received cash for placing students in the school.

'I regret making such statements that could have been construed in this way as it was not my intention to do so and I accept that they are untrue.'

In her blog post in 2008, Goh claimed Wong had personally received cash of about $3,000 for each foreign student she placed in the school. She further claimed that the entrance tests were rigged and that despite the sacking, no further investigation was conducted.

The blogger even pointed out an instance where a student had failed the test but was still given a place in the school.

Wong, now an education consultant, said the suit was brought about because Goh portrayed her to be corrupt, and in turn defamed her.

She also insisted that she had suffered considerable damage to her reputation and her request to Goh to take down the post down in 2008 was ignored.

Ms Goh had earlier insisted that her post was not about the former teacher but rather about the school system.

From Edvantage, "Blogger apologises to ex-teacher; retracts allegations". (17/12/10)

A FORMER teacher and a blogger are headed for a showdown in the courts in a defamation case.

When the teacher, Mrs Janet Wong, came across a blog by Madam Jayne Goh alleging that she took bribes from parents and guardians in return for places for their children in her school, she sued the blogger for defamation. Madam Goh also alleged that Mrs Wong was sacked for what she did.

Mrs Wong had sought a summary judgment from the High Court, which would have granted her a victory without the case going to trial, but Justice Steven Chong saw justification for a trial, which would blow open the web of online allegations and how 'reasonable readers' could be expected to have interpreted them.

This is believed to be the first case of alleged defamation by a blogger that will go to trial.

A trial means witnesses will be examined, evidence taken and submissions made; a summary judgment would have kept the matter in the judge's chambers, where lawyers fight the case based on claims made and documents admitted.

Mrs Wong, in her 50s and a retiree, says Madam Goh, 43, defamed her by alleging she had demanded $3,000 for each student placed in the secondary school, which was not named in court papers.

From Straits Times, "Blogger faces libel suit". (16/11/10)


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