Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Angry Birds Peace Treaty. Check out the hilarious clip. Heh.

ANGRY Birds, the extremely popular smart phone app, is a pop culture sensation, addicting mobile users at a rate nearly as impressive as the body count that its animated slingshot birds are racking up against their swine enemy.

Some 12 million copies of the 99-cent version of Angry Birds have been downloaded, with another 30 million downloads of its free app, which makes money through advertising. Peter Vesterbacka, head of development in North America for Rovio, the Finnish maker of Angry Birds, says the iPhone version of the game accounts for 65 million minutes of playtime every day - a total, he notes, that rivals the daily US prime-time TV audience.

On Saturday, the Angry Birds flock will be palpable. The one-year anniversary of the game's debut has been dubbed 'Angry Birds Day.' Around the world, hundreds of people are planning to congregate to celebrate their fondness for a silly diversion where birds do ceaseless battle with pigs.

More than 2.3 million people have watched the YouTube video Angry Birds Peace Treaty, a live-action sketch where a lawyer tries to broker a truce between the birds and the pigs, whose antagonism is based on the pigs stealing the birds' eggs.

Following a seasonal Halloween version of the game, a Christmas Angry Birds has been released, with each level opened like a day on an advent calendar. An Angry Birds 2 is due soon. It's moving to consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Rovio is also looking into making it available on Windows, the Chrome browser and Facebook. Plush toys of the birds have been released and are selling months ahead of inventory. Rovio now has 40 employees and is hiring more.

Rovio is also contemplating expansion into TV and film. Hed says he's spent a large amount of time 'exploring these areas.' 'There's a lot more Angry Birds,' he says.

From Straits Times, "Angry Birds keeps thriving".


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