Singapore secret societies

Downtown east murder which is said to be related to gang fight leads me to wonder about the existence of secret societies in Singapore.

And guess what? Wikipedia does have an entry about this topic. In its article, "Secret societies in Singapore", there are some names mentioned (not so secret afterall, huh?): '21 (Dhee It)', Sio Kun Tong(Salakau) (369) (Chao), 18 Zhup Puey (Siao)(Sio Yi Ho), 'The 04 Gang' (Inactive), 24 Ghee Hia Di(Dhee Xi)', 'Kong Puey 08(Kong)', and some other 'Independent gangs'.

Interesting to note also the list of the gangs under the category of 'Independent gangs':
* Sarajumbo (Indian Gang)
* Veerasamy (Indian Gang)
* Riyadi gang( Malay Gang)
* Omega (Malay gang)
* WuNaga (chinese,malay gang) 5NG (Inactive)
* 806 Woodlands Woodlands, Singapore Coffeeshop(Mixed gang)
* Seven stones(mix gang)(Inactive)(powerful)
* Cinababi (chinese gang)
* Nasibabi (malay gang) *Ondru Saernthu Paaduvom (indian gang)
* Mata Siao(999)(very powerful)
* no limit(tampines kia)kepala:ammar
* melayu ribot(city hall,bawah ketiak mak kau,ade bulu,carik dalam2


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