Random Photos from Malacca Trip 2010

Some random photos taken from the recent Malacca trip. It was relaxing. Very relaxing. Heh.

1. At St Paul's Church...

2. ...nearby some entrepreneur getting a tourist' money by letting her posing with an iguana. I smell fear. Heh.

3. A shot from the top of the hill where St Paul's Church is.

4. The A Famosa.

5. A magnificently red Christ Church.

6. A fountain in front of the Church.

7. The entrance to the Jonker Street (it's happening at night! With the road is closed & various stalls magically set up!)

8. Chicken rice balls at one of the stalls. Over-rated.

9. Decided to hop onto the cruise along the Melaka River. They style their bridges well...

10. ...oh, and so do the houses near the river.

11. A very slow moving monorail which the boat can easily overtake.

12. An interestingly empty pirate-theme theme park.

13. Unstoppable...Hardly...Not!

14. A night shot of the Christ Church.

15. A fun karaoke performance at the Jonker Street with two uncles sportingly dancing.

16. The Stadhuys which somehow I missed in the day.


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