The Macaque Menace: Baby snatched & killed

Well, it is said that macaques can be an aggressive breed. But to the extent of kidnapping a 4-day-old baby whose face & neck were later bitten and dropping the baby to her death?! Kill that macaque manace! Oh wait, it was killed...

The above photo seemingly so innocent is not longer is. I have this gruesome image of the second shot of the photo showing the pigeon laying dead with her neck broken. Evil.

IN MERE minutes, a young woman turned from a happy mother to a grieving one when she lost her four-day-old baby to a wild monkey that was shot dead several hours later.

In the 1.15pm tragedy yesterday, the macaque stole into the living room; snatched the child and fled up the roof of the house. The baby fell to the ground and died.

The mother, V. Revathy, 26, had left her first-born child in the living room of the single-storey house near Taman Happy Garden to use the toilet. The baby's body was discovered later outside the house with her face and neck badly bitten. She was rushed to the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital here where she was pronounced dead.

Revathi's father-in-law A. Valayutham, 70, was in the living room with the newborn but had gone to get a glass of water when the tragedy occurred.

'We frantically searched all over the house and saw her body covered in blood lying outside the house,' he said.

Valayutham added that he had noticed a few monkeys outside the house compound at that time.

From Straits Times, "Baby snatched by monkey".

More from Asiaone:
The area where the family stayed was sandwiched between two residential areas with a foliage of trees nearby where there were monkeys.

Negri Sembilan Wildlife and National Parks director Ishak Muhamad said the macaque was shot dead at 4pm.

"We suspect the macaque was rummaging for food inside the house. It could have taken the baby to the roof thinking the newborn was food.

"The baby died when it fell to the ground. The monkey had apparently released the newborn, probably because it was alarmed by the parents' shouts," Ishak said yesterday.

He added that the parents had called the Fire and Rescue Department at 2.15pm, which immediately contacted the Wildlife and National Parks Department.

"We reached the house at about 3pm and set off with the baby's father to look for the macaque," he said.

Ishak said department officers saw the macaque in some bushes several metres from the house at about 4pm.

The macaque was shot when it began to act aggressively.

Ishak added that it was the first such case in the state, and believed the male monkey was attracted by a female kept in captivity as a pet by the family.

"This is very unusual. Normally, these monkeys simply steal food or pluck fruit from the yard," he said.

The baby's father, lorry driver V. Neru, 29, who was not at home when the incident occurred, said he could not believe that such a thing could have happened.

"I rushed to the hospital only to be told that she was gone.

"She was our bundle of joy and we were looking forward to spending many happy years with her ... I just cannot believe she's gone," he said.

R. Shanty, 35, who lives nearby said it was common to see monkeys in groups of three or four in the area.

"A while back, my pet dog was attacked by these monkeys. Its badly-bitten body was thrown from a tree.

"I really hope the authorities take action and not wait until another life is lost," she said.

Rahang assemblyman M.K. Arumugam, who visited the family yesterday evening, expressed regret over the incident.

"I have brought this matter up before but sadly no action was taken. I am very disappointed that something like this had to happen before the authorities took notice," he said.

From Asiaone, "Macaque abducts, bites and drops baby from roof".

Update on 09/10: Residents living in nearby housing estates in Seremban claim that the authorities shot the wrong macaque. Yes, they are all experts in macaques now, I guess. In any case, they should then be the ones hunting for the killer.

RESIDENTS living in nearby housing estates in Seremban, where a monkey had killed a four-day-old baby on Wednesday, claim that the authorities shot the wrong macaque.

They believe the real culprit is still at large in the forested areas.

Retired government servant Mohinder Singh, 74, said: 'The monkey killed by the officers... was much smaller. Alpha males are bigger and stronger and have even attacked and killed mongrels.'

Last year, he added, a group of monkeys almost attacked a five-year-old girl who was playing outside her house.

Another resident, P. Vellai, 56, said the dominant monkey was not afraid of women. 'The alpha male is huge. The one shot by the officers does not fit the description,' she said.

But the state's Wildlife and National Parks Department said it has cleared all macaques from the area. Its director, Mr Ishak Muhammad, said his officers had combed the area thoroughly.

From Straits Times, "'Wrong monkey' killed".


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