The Husband: One Man's Story of Moving In, Moving Out, and Moving On (Probably better than "Eat Pray Love")

"Bye, Honey! Oh, and look! I'll always be wearing the Ring!"

Yeah. The saddest part about the show, "Eat Pray Love" is very much on the Michael Cooper character. Divorced by the supposedly protagonist, Elizabeth Gilbert. After, what, 8 years of marriage life? Oh man, I do hope the book, "The Husband: One Man's Story of Moving In, Moving Out, and Moving On", is actually going to make it to bookstores.

The project of the book is used to be titled, "Displaced":
Millions have followed Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey around the world after a heartbreaking divorce. That was Liz’s story. This is Michael’s.

Michael thought his marriage with Liz was rock solid. When it suddenly crumbled, his life was set adrift. In Displaced, he offers an intimate look at the end of the marriage and at his personal struggle to recover. Through more than a decade of human rights and humanitarian aid work with communities upended by poverty, disaster, and conflict, Michael witnessed time and again the incredible resilience of the human spirit—in Kosovo, Mongolia, Iran, Iraq, and elsewhere. This time, it was his turn to embrace the sometimes painful conviction that for every ending, there must be a new beginning.

Thoughtful, evocative, and often humorous, Displaced is a smart and hopeful look at one man’s journey to rediscover his values and rebuild his life.


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