Dr Joseph Ong Chor Teck, Temasek Review founder exposed...

In today's edition of The New Paper (TNP), "Doctor who?", Dr Joseph Ong Chor Teck is pointed (some may prefer the word 'exposed') as the founder of Temasek Review (TR).

The article was written by a Ms. Ng Wan Ching & apparently TR has stricken back with an article that also include her HP no. Yeah, real mature. I know.

I don't really give a damn about TR. From one anonymous to another, I understand that we are really just a nobody.

But I am truly amused at how exciting the story spreads. In Channel NewsAsia Forum, the topic has so far gathered 7 pages of response as well as in--so far 2 pages of posts--MyCarForum, "BREAKING: Founder of Temasek Review Exposed!!!" (There's even a photo of the TNP article if you're too cheap to buy today's paper!).

The smartest commentary on the story is so far from one Channel NewsAsia forum member, SDP Gloomberg.

The following was quoted from Channel NewsAsia Forum, "BREAKING: Founder of Temasek Review Exposed!!!", a post by SDP Gloomberg (the bold points are his/hers):

TR Exclusive: Police leaked confidential information to The New Paper journalist

October 7th, 2010 | Author: Editorial

A formal complaint has been lodged with Mr Benny Lim, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs against the Singapore Police Force for allegedly leaking confidential information obtained during a police investigation, to a journalist from The New paper.

The complainant, Mr Joseph Ong was called up last year by Ang Mo Kio Police Division for investigation into a minor offence case. No further action was taken against him and he was given a conditional warning by the Head Investigation of Ang Mo Kio Police Division, DSP Chris Voo Hong Ping.

In his email addressed to the Permanently Secretary, Ong wrote that he was approached by a journalist from The New Paper in his office today who wanted to interview him on his one year-old case, which he refused.

Obviously perturbed by his refusal, the journalist, Ng Wan Cheng (Hp no: 9823 0493) claims that even without his input, she will still continue to write her story and publish it anyway because she had done all the necessary fact finding on his case and merely wanted to hear his side of the story.

To prove her point, she went on to reveal details which Ong had ONLY provided to the Investigating Officer who took his statement last year.

A shocked Mr Joseph Ong then called the Investigating Officer and Head Investigation of Ang Mo Kio Police Division who replied and confirm that “information provided to the police during an investigation is strictly confidential and may not be communicated to outside parties not privy to the investigation.” This was concurred by a lawyer friend he subsequently contacted.

When contacted by Temasek Review in a follow-up email interview, Mr Joseph Ong remarked that: “I am perturbed that such supposedly confidential information was leaked to the press which will surely erode public confidence in the Singapore Police Force. “

When asked if he will consider legal action against the parties responsible, he said: “I will need to consult my lawyer further before deciding on the course of action (to take) but I will not rule that out.”

Amanda Tan

Editor’s note: Email was sent to Mr Benny Lim and copied to Attorney-General Chambers, Police Public Relations Branch, Ang Mo Kio Police Division, Chairman of SPH and Temasek Review.

Posting this article actually makes TR look bad IMO

Point 1: What assholes, they actually publicly post the reporters phone number in public. lol. Then again, it's TR, not surprising that they would go down to that level

Point 2: The reporter actually bothered to go ask for the other side of the story which is more then what we can say for TR which normally post rumours and hearsay as facts

Point 3: They are actually giving credit to the article. That the reporter has valid "insiders" source. Again unlike TR(see point 1)

Point 4: TNP was speculating, TR confirm the article for them. lol

Point 5: So much for TR's nonsense on Free speech. Look at the TNP article, that *censored* threatened to sue.


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