Dolce Far Niente - Pleasant Idleness - The sweetness of doing nothing

An Italian character in the movie, "Eat Pray Love" was quoted to say, "We call it "dolce far niente", the sweetness of doing nothing."

Hmmm...I like the concept. It sounds so noble when it's said in foreign language, isn't it? By the way, there's a similar concept in Hokkien called "CHIAK TSUA (chia'h tsoo'ah)" which literally means as "to eat snake". Then again, I'm not so sure. The latter tends to be intrepreted negatively, that is, "to goof off or skive". (Reference "Talking Cock")

PS. Check out this clip featuring the part of Dolce Far Niente, "Eat Pray Love - Dolce Far Niente clip".


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