Yu Fan Biography

1966  Born in Qingdao city,China
1988  Graduated from Fine Art Dept.of Shangdong Art Institute
1992  Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Art
          Works at the the Central Academy of Fine Art as a professor in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions
2009  Spirtual:1999-2009yufan works,Eastlink Gallery,Shaihai
2008  Yu fan's sculpture,Keumsan Gallery ,Tokyo ,Japan
2000  I Live at 2208,Where Do You Live?Passage Gallery CAFA,Beijing

Group Exhibitions
2009  Time lag,Linda Gallery,BeiJing
          Other Factors,Other Gallery,BeiJing
          Domino plan in the space,Chen linghui Cotemporary space,BeiJin
          Visual experiment of zhong yong,EastlinkGallery Beijing,China

2008  Internal Injury,Up Gallery Beijing,China
          7th Shanghai Biennale,Shanghai Museum Shanghai,China
          Hpallage,OCT art&design gallery shenzhen,China
          Up-Chinese contemporary art ,Art Museum,Singapore
          Limitation of the logic,Genssun International Art Space Beijing,China        
          Dialog China,Elins Eagle--smith Gallery ,sanFrancisco,USA
          Face East,Robischon Gallery,USA    

2007  The Power of the Universe-Exhibition of Frontier Chinese Contemporary,Art Asian
          The Opening Exhibition of Doosan Art Center,Doosan Art Center,Seoul Korea
          Lift the Red Cloth Joserine Layne Gallery,Hong Kong
          Lure and Daze-China New Art Exhibition,Keumsan Gallery ,Seoul Korea
          Red·Spot-Asia contemporary  Art ,Huston Art Museum,USA
          Escape Unnoticed-Self-Rescue from Language,Square Contemporary Art
          Top-10 Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition,Asian Art Center,China
          Made in China,Louisiana Modern Art Museum,Denmark
          New China·New Gallery,Huston,USA
          China Whisper,Osage Gallery,Hong Kong

2006  Under the Radar--Chinese Contemporary Art ,Robinson Gallery,Denver,USA
          Beyond Experience-New China! ,Arario Gallery,Beijing
          Verisimilitude Re-discovery,SOKA Contemporary Space,Beijing

2005  The 2nd Beijing International Biennial,National Art Museum of China,Beijing
          Out and In or Between-N ways to Space Shifting,SOKA Contemporary  

2004  Between the Past and Reality-The new Photography,,Film and Video of China 
          International Photography Center,Asian Associate Museum,New York

2003  The 1st Beijing International Biennial,National Art Museum of China,Beijing
          New Generation and Post Revolution,Yan Huang Art Museum,Beijing
          Light-Exhibition of Yu Fan and Liu Ding,Beijing Files Warehouse

2002  The 1st Triennial of Contemporary Art In Guangzhou,Guangdong Art Museum, 

2001  The 1st Biennial in Chengdy,Chengdu Modern Art Museum 
          The 1st Jing Wen Art Exhibition,Shanghai Jing Wen Art Center
          Chinese Myth,Yidian Gallery Shanghai
          The Exhibition of Chinese Modern Water and Ink paintings and  
          Several Standard Images of Chinese Contemporary Sculpture,Shanghai,

2000  I am live in 2208, where are you? -- Yu Fan sculptures exhibition,Xindao Gallery
          Talking to More-Chinese contemporary sculptures invitation exhibition, Guangdong
          Art Museum          
          The Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Sculptures,Qindao Sculpture Museum
          The Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Sculptures,Shanghai Art Museum    
          The Gate of the Century,Modern Art Museum,Chengdu

1999  46-Chinese Modern Art Art Without Boundaries Art Museum Melbourne,  
          The 2nd Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture,He Xiangning Art
          1999-2000 The Invitation Exhibition of Mini Sculpture in Mainland, HK, Taiwan           
          Shape and Body-The Sculpture Festival in Singapore,Singapore         

1998  Transition-Chinese Experimental Art at the end of 20th Century,Art Museum in
          Chicago University,Chicago
          The 1st Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture,He Xiangning Art

1997  The Dream of China-97' Chinese Contemporary Art,Yan Huang Art Museum
          Chinese Art Exhibition • Sculpture  National,Art Museum of China,Beijing

1996  Reality·Today and Tomorrow-96' Chinese Contemporary Art,International Yi Yuan 
          Art Museum,Beijing

1995  Plan of Demolition The 1st Exhibition of Three United Workhouse,Central Fine Arts
          Women • Spot,The 2nd Exhibition of Three United Workhouse,Contemporary Art

1994  The 8th National Art Exhibition,National Art Museum of China,Beijing 
Public Collection:    
Asian Art Museum,Fukuoka,Japan,He Xiangning Art Museum,Shenzhen,China,
Guangdong Art Museum,Shanghai Art Museum,Qindao  Sculpture Museum,etc.


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