Top 10 reasons to date a Teacher

Okay, Cool Breeze. You asked for it! Here are the top ten reasons to date a Teacher:

10. Because they will become great parents.

9.They have patience

8.They are up with all the latest lingo.

7.They can make anything seem interesting.

6.They are loyal

5.They are ideal breeding stock

4.They can spell correctly without using spellcheck.

3.They are teaching our future generation.

2.They have the balls to get up infront of a group of thirty kids/teenagers each and every day.

1. They use the inquiry approach in the bedroom.

Quoted from this Facebook page, "Top 10 reasons why to date a teacher".

(But of course, I'd advocate you to date--heck, make it 'marry'--an engineer, instead. Unless, the teacher is Onizuka himself, the Great Teacher! Oh well, sadly it's a Real Life, girls...)


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