Michelle Yeoh's brother, Bobby Yeoh Lam Jit & 'starlet' Joey Choi Wai-man - A real scandal??

Referring to Asiaone, "Michelle Yeoh's brother photographed in intimate acts" & The Daily Chilli, "Busty starlet says Yeoh wants it everyday", I can't help thinking: "Is this case for REAL???"

Both articles mention how the brother of Michelle Yeoh, Bobby Yeoh Lam Jit was allegedly photographed engaging in intimate acts with a starlet in a park in Hong Kong.

The 'starlet' in the story is reported to be Joey Choi Wai-man. And yet, she is 39 years old?!?!

I don't think such a mature age is still within the boundary of she being considered a 'starlet'.

Of course on the other hand, the wrong use of the word 'starlet' does not mean that the case is not real, either. Oh well...


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