Manorah and Best Friends of the Snake by Sakarin Krue-on

100 Tonson Gallery is pleased to invite you to the short- movies screening “Manorah and Best Friends of the Snake”, a legend of everlasting love between imaginary maiden and an ordinary man.... a part of the project ‘Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud and one sees the stars’ by Sakarin Krue-on on Thursday September 9th , 2010 from 7 pm onward.

This project is represented by several Medias and its goals to express opinions about the social-participation in our weakness country, hold wishes and expectations which are never rise.

Sakarin Krue-on is one of the top Thai artists who always participate in the core group shows or events in local and international. Recently, he has been exhibiting his site-specific installation, Temple which was once part of Documenta12, in “Murals” exhibition at Joan Miro Foundation, Barcelona, Spain.

This mixed-media exhibition will show video art, title’s movie is ‘Manorah and Best Friends of the Snake’, consist of paintings, photographs, and objects from the video.
(Exhibition Period: September 9 – October 24, 2010)

For more information, please contact 100 Tonson Gallery at or +662 684 1527.


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