Malaysia "boleh": Believe it or not - Tomoi fighters with trunks below their knees???

Tomoi as how we know it may soon be a thing of the past if the jokers in Kelantan manage to spread their misguided 'guidelines' on the attire code of the Tomoi boxers to the rest of Malaysia.

Wake up, why don't you? Ever try to execute Tomoi kick while wearing trunks that reach below the knees?!?!

Check out the YouTube clip, "Wadi (kelantan) vs Benny Ritter (switzerland)", and try to visualise their battle with the fighters wearing such attire. What a laugh.

TRADITIONAL boxers in a Malaysian state ruled by a conservative Islamic party have been ordered to ditch their skimpy shorts and good-luck talismans, in accordance with religious rules.

The Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party, which governs the northern state of Kelantan, said that 'Tomoi' boxers - a form of unarmed martial art similar to the popular 'Muay Thai' boxing in Thailand - will be told to cover up.

'We want them to follow Islamic rules. We want to promote good values and Islam will be used as the basis for these guidelines,' said Abdul Fattah Mahmood, the state minister in charge of sports.

'Their boxing trunks were too short and they didn't know that when they were fighting, their underwear could be seen. Many women in the audience felt very embarrassed and complained to us later,' he told AFP.

Women in Kelantan have previously been targeted with various campaigns discouraging them from wearing sexy outfits, lipstick or high heels, but it is the first time that men have been told to cover up.

Under the Kelantan guidelines, boxers will be asked to wear trunks that reach below the knees, and must not carry any talismans, despite the good-luck charms' popularity. 'We want them to cover their 'aurat',' Abdul Fattah said, referring to Islamic rules which in Malaysia require men to cover the area between their navel and knees. Women must cover their entire body except the face and hands.

From Straits Times, "M'sian state bans skimpy shorts".


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