The Liberating Truth will set you free...Not!

Some may point out that the idea of shaming foreign students (who deserve to be shamed) is commendable. However, the courage is lacking. One can only groan after realizing that the blog was marked private by its owner. Darn.

Okay, seriously, though, do you think those foreign students will just keep quiet? They can strike back for sure. Especially as their photos were posted in the lame, cowardly post. Sue the spineless blog owner of The Liberating Truth, will you?

Okay, seriously, though, why did The Liberating Truth blogger target only foreign students? And not local students? They're no angels themselves, for sure. A tad xenophobic, huh, The Liberating Truth?

The Truth will set you free. True. But alas, despite its promising name, The Liberating Truth will not.

A BLOGGER has released a list of foreign students on an 'Academic Blacklist', but removed the post after it made it to the pages of a local blog site.

The Liberating Truth blog said it compiled the list, which comprises students from NTU School of Computer Engineering, from names that had been submitted from other students.

In the post, The Liberating Truth asked the persons named on the list to 'reflect on your behaviour from today onwards and stop being a public nuisance to other students'.

Students were identified by their course, years, nationalities and photos accompanied by 'testimonials', allegedly from fellow students.

In a post on Thursday, The Liberating Truth said it removed the Academic Blacklist photos as the blog post had reached The Temasek Review.

'Publicity' in the Temasek Review website 'would only add fuel' to the foreign students, the author said in a post. The author also felt that the lack of contribution by NUS students made it seem like the blog section was aimed at NTU, which the author said was 'unfair'.

The author also offered to send the photos by e-mail to those who requested them.

The blog post regarding the removal said that the author did 'not encourage Singaporeans to exhibit racial discrimination' just because the blog 'seemingly made a harmless attempt to spur you on'.

'I would hope the foreign students mentioned in my blog had their few days of fame in Singapore's social politics and would certainly reflect on their behaviour. If such behaviour continues, there will be a time when another crazy Singaporean like me will start to give them unwanted publicity again,' the author said in the blog post.

From Straits Times, "Foreign students 'blacklisted'".


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