Keep older workers employed, or else...

From Asiaone, "RWS casino tells gambler: Give back your winnings", this statement struck me the most. One Mr. Teo, 67 years old, who is a retired cabby have this to say: "I'm not addicted to gambling, I went to the casino to while away my time."

The issue on how to keep him to be occupied, and he choose gambling.

If only he is still actively working...

Thus I very much agree to MOM's proposed re-employment legislation that will make it compulsory for employers to offer older workers at least one-year contract extensions.

Referring to REACH e-Consultation paper, "Public Consultation on Proposed Re-employment Legislation", it is mentioned that the period of public consultation is from 16 September 2010 to 29 September 2010. All feedback received through the consultation exercise will be reviewed by the Ministry of Manpower and, if accepted, will be incorporated into the formulation of the re-employment legislation.

So please give a supporting feedback for this proposal.

We need older people to stay active. And not in a sense of actively gambling...

Submit your feedback (before 29 Sept!!) through this email address: or fax to 65340559 or post it to Ministry of Manpower, Workplace Policy and Strategy Division, #06-01, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764.

SINGAPORE employers will be required to offer older worker re-employment contracts of up to a year once they hit the minimum statutory or contractual retirement age from 2012.

This is provided in the proposed re-employment legislation, which is open for public feedback till Sept 29.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Thursday released a consultation paper on the conditions and obligations for re-hiring older employees so that they can work longer.

In view of the nation's ageing population and workforce, the legislation will enable companies to tap on the skills and experience of older employees.

The re-employment legislation aims to 'strike a balance between providing older employees with the opportunity to work longer' as well as keep companies 'competitive by providing flexibility in the implementation of re-employment', said MOM in a statement.

Under the proposals, employees who satisfy the re-employment criteria of being medically fit to continue working and having satisfactory or better work performances must be offered re-employment contracts by the same employer when they reach retirement age.

Re-employment contracts must be for at least a year.

Flexibility in re-employment is another key area provided in the proposed legislation. This will help companies remain competitive. Employers and employees have the flexibility to renegotiate job scope, wages and benefits.

The proposal also makes it compulsory for employers to pay retiring workers an Employment Assistant Payment (EAP) if they are unable to let them continue working in the company.

MOM's proposed legislation was released as a follow up to the Tripartite Guidelines on Re-employment of Older Employees in March.

The key features of the proposed re-employment legislation can be viewed on the REACH website.

From Straits Times, "Re-hiring of old a must".


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