Heroes of Might and Magic Online - Asia only

Heroes of Might and Magic Online - Asia only

This pop-up advertisement of the online game, "Heroes of Might and Magic" is for sure interesting. I like the way how it allows enough information on the towns to choose--there are 8 of them. The Necropolis is my favorite (but no, I'm not that eager to play the game. At least, not yet.)

Inferno castles are always surrounded by giant pits of lava and scorch the earth around them. Its armies consist of demonic creatures, ranging from lowly imps to almighty demons. The nation of Eeofol is of the Inferno faction.

The Dungeon houses monsters that live in underground caverns. The kingdom of Nighon, the most powerful kingdom in the Dungeon faction, commands mighty Black Dragons to defend its subterranean caverns.

The Stronghold is populated with brutish, tribal creatures associated with barbarism. Their sizes range from tiny Goblins to lumbering Giants, and their ferocity is known across Erathia. Stronghold units are at home in the deserts and wastes. The kingdom of Krewlod is of the Stronghold faction.

The Rampart army is composed mainly of Sylvan creatures from the depths of the Tularean Forest. Accordingly, their home is in the grasslands and forests. The kingdom of AvLee is of the Rampart faction.

The Tower faction is made up of human separatists who believe study of the arcane will lead to the greatest power, and their armies are composed of wizards, magical beings, and animated golems. Tower creatures are at home in Arctic environments. The kingdom of Bracada is of the Tower faction.

The Castle army is made up predominantly of humans who reject the path to inner enlightenment chosen by their brothers from the Tower. Instead, they place their faith in the celestial beings of Erathia and are rewarded for their conviction with the aid of Angels. The kingdom of Erathia is of the Castle faction.

The Necropolis is a ghost town of the undead and its armies are composed of lich, zombie, wraith, and vampire. The kingdom of Deyja is of the necropolis faction.

The Fortress is built in marshland and is home to numerous reptilian creatures. While not as hardy as their cousins from Stronghold, Fortress creatures make up for the lack of brute strength with their unique abilities. The kingdom of Tatalia is of the fortress faction.


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