Chivalry is not dead in Singapore--but is Gratitude?

"Thank you, kind stranger, you have renewed my faith in Singaporean men.

"At least, until the next time a guy pushes me on the train to get a seat."

The lady stomper in "Chivalry not dead in S'pore: Man stops to help female motorcyclist stranded in rain" may just be the very reason why it's often a turn off to date a Singaporean woman.

With her last line above (in red & bold) she'd love to think herself to be witty. She's wrong. It just shows how fault-finding she can be. Puh-leaze, the article is all about the rare--but existent!--act of chivalry she encountered. And while she sufficiently expressed her gratitude, why oh why did she have to end the article with such a killing line?

Do I make a harsh over-generalization here? For goodness' sake, I hope I do.


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