Ben & Jerry's Chunkfest 2010: Photos Galore

To follow up this post, "Chunkfest 2010 by Ben & Jerry's at Promontory@Marina Bay", I managed to visit the event today. Here are some of the exclusive photos:

1. Reached earlier before the event started at 1430 hrs, I decided to take the photo of this cute guitar-wielding cow who guards the gate.

2. Another photo taken before the Chunkfest started. A classic packaging of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

3. After a walk to the nearby "The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands", I went back to Promontory@Marina Bay. The queue was terribly long & slow at the Redemption & Registration Booth & I couldn't resist not to take the photo of the fierce bouncer in brown.

4. The hosts of the even were the energetic duo of Class 95 Cartunes Jean Danker & Tim Oh. You can check their other photo here posing with the cow shown in no.2 above.

5. Everytime you bought a scoop of ice cream (there're 12 unique flavours just for this year Chunkfest), you'll be given "1 moolah". Collect 5 & you can redeem a mug. Innovative, but sorry, not for me. Refer to no.3 for why.

6. There were 3 booths selling the ice creams. Here is one of them.

7. And here are the photo of the 12 exclusive flavors of the ice cream. Vote for your favorite here; the flavor with the highest votes gets to stay!

8. Another booth which sold the ice creams showing the theme of this year's Chunkfest: Peace, Love & Ice Cream.

9. The third booth which sold the ice cream. Yes, they're all popular!

10. The first game conducted was "Tug of Peace". Instead of out-pulling, teams will have to out-push one another to win! The second game of "Tug of Peace" involved female contestants. Too violent, the photo was too shaky. Heh.

11. Even this tough dog likes his Ben & Jerry's. Protective to his lady owner too. Good dog!!

12. There was this other booth which offered a reading of your fortune. Only cost you 1 moolah. Then again, the queue was long & slow...

13. the best thing I could do was to snap a shot of the tarot reader & his wonderful cards. Nice artwork. Sigh.

14. There would be 6 bands performing. But I didn't manage to catch any of them. Left the place at about 1600 hrs. My loss.

15. Besides booths selling ice cream, there was one selling F&B. You bet why I took this one. Cool colorful shirts, weren't they?

16. These two babes really did read the Chunkfest 2010 website. Come as a hippie, it said. I have no idea that a hippie was barefooted, though.

17. Have I told you the theme of Chunkfest 2010 is "Peace, Love & Ice Cream"? This kind of signboard would be seen in the vicinity.

18. Oh, and there was this little Ben & Jerry's bus. No doubt for the organizers to escape if a riot were to happen due to insufficient ice creams. Hur hur.


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