130 strangers to be hugged per day for 77 days!!! | Yeh Jo-ling the next Hugging Saint???

Seriously is this 23-year-old Ms. Yeh Jo-ling going to be the next Hugging Saint (besides Mātā Amritanandamayī Devī, that is)???

Ms. Yeh Jo-ling has set a goal. Hug 10,000 people by the end of her island-traveling trip (from 26 September to 12 December). That is 130 strangers to be hugged per day. Achievable?

Let's revisit this article in mid December, shall we?

A JOBLESS young woman from Taoyuan County began her short-term goal of traveling the island on September 23 and hugging 10,000 people by the end of her trip.

'I want to be a brave, confident and attractive woman,' 23-year-old Yeh Jo-ling told local media. It seems that Ms Yeh, who two months ago experienced the ending of both her job as tour guide at a ceramics factory and a two-year relationship, has found a new outlet for her overflowing optimism - giving extended hugs to strangers.

Back in July, Ms Yeh joined a hugging event in Chungli City created by a Taoyuan County man online that aimed to attract over 10,000 people. Although only 7,500 people showed up, Ms Yeh experienced, in 30-second hugs with strangers, a newfound passion that overtook her and lifted her spirits. It was then that she decided to go on a cross-island trip to spread the love by engaging in multiple hugs.

Ms Yeh's embracing schedule will kick off on September 26, when she leaves from Taipei. She plans to be back to Taoyuan by December 12. Every Sunday, Ms Yeh will choose a different train station and throw her arms around 910 passengers at each one - this will total her hugs to 10,010 by the end of her trip.

Ms Yeh said she will document each hug with a photo and give out handmade postcards marked by numbers from 1 to 10,000 as both souvenir and proof of her hugging tally. Her wish is that every person she embraces will go home and do the same to their loved one, making the world a better place.

'I have confidence I will succeed,' said Ms Yeh, adding that her other goals include losing some weight and finding a new boyfriend.

From Asiaone, "Hugging to make the world a better place".


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