X Ah Long hotline 1800-9245664

Hope to read by the end of the 1-year trial on how many successful cases of loansharks being caught thanks to the hotline.

Till then, keep your eyes open & register the hotline no in your HP.

A NEW front to fight the Ah Longs will open to aid police efforts in crippling loansharking in Singapore.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) will launch the X Ah Long hotline at 1800-9245664 on Thursday, with the 'X' signifying 'no', which promises anonymity for people who may not want to approach the police directly.

No details of callers to the X Ah Long hotline will be taken, unless volunteered by the callers themselves, and information given will be treated with utmost confidentiality, a statement from the NCPC said on Wednesday.

The hotline, which will be on trial for a year, will be open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding lunch hour from 1 to 2pm. During non-operational hours, callers can leave information via voice recording. The information gathered will be channelled to the police to assist them in their work against loansharks.

The project received strong support and endorsement from law enforcers.

'It is heartening to see the community coming alongside Police to tackle illegal money-lending,' said Assistant Commissioner of Police Lim Kok Thai, Director Operations of the Singapore Police Force.

'Three out of 10 arrests have been made with public assistance and we certainly welcome such an initiative to strengthen our efforts in weeding out such criminal activities.'

The NCPC will also use new media platforms like Facebook, its website and forums to publicise the number to masses.

'This project is an initiative where NCPC utilises our greatest assets, our close ties with our partners in the community, and rally them toward crime prevention,' said Mr Tan Kian Hoon, Chairman of NCPC. 'This hotline is an effort by the community, for the community.'

From Straits Times, "Ah Longs beware!".

Update on 06/09: the hotline seems quite a success with 200 calls for the first month.

It has been a month since the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) launched a hotline which allows people to tell on loan sharks anonymously.

Called "X Ah Long", the hotline has received almost 200 calls so far.

Poh Kay Ping, an NCPC member, said: "It's very encouraging, and people are coming forward to give us information.

"Of course there are various situations - some of them are borrower themselves, desperate; some of them who are worried about their relatives becoming runners for these Ah Longs; some of them are neighbours of a victim who has neighbourhood being harassed - so quite wide spectrum."

The council passes all information gathered over to the police for investigations.

However, the police have yet to crack any case based on the hotline information as they need time to investigate cases thoroughly to ensure successful prosecution.

The council is urging former members of illegal money lending syndicates or those forced to participate in such activities to provide information through the hotline.

It said the identities of callers will be kept confidential.

From Channel NewsAsia, ""X Ah Long" hotline gets 200 calls in first month".


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