This healthy idiot used a handicap toilet and now wanted to sue SMRT?!?!

Just because the SMRT staff allegedly scolded him.

So what did he expect? The staff to be all smiles & allowed this kind of selfish act by a supposedly non-handicapped guy?

What an idiot! Really.

SMRT should instead enforce a harsher punishment against a similar abuse of handicap toilets.

When STOMPer John was unable to locate the gents' room at Newton MRT, he decided to use the handicap toilet instead. To his horror, a station staff member tried to open the door and cursed at him, even threatening to hit him.

The security personnel was not appeased even when John left the cubicle and apologised.

He continued to swear at him and held his hand up as if he were about to hit him when John went to retrieve a phone he left in the cubicle.

Angered by the rude behaviour of the staff member, John says:

"I was at Newton MRT on July 29 at 8.30am.

"I was rushing for work and was having a stomachache.

"I followed the toilet signs to the toilet but could not find any but only a handicap toilet. I assumed the gents' room was under renovation so I had no choice but to settle my stuff there.

"There was this uncle (SMRT staff) who kept on wanting to open the door of the toilet and shouted vulgarities at me.

"I was doing my business half way and I could not open the door to find out what was happening.

"When I opened the door, the SMRT staff person stared at me and scolded me, threatening to hit me.

"I was rushing to work so I didn't want to get involved in any argument.

"When I left the toilet, I found that I had left my phone inside the toilet.

"I quickly told the uncle nicely that I left my phone inside.

"The uncle opened the door and raised his hand like he was going to hit me.

"I said: 'Uncle, sorry, sorry. I left my phone inside. Sorry, sorry'.

"Then I quickly took my phone and left the toilet.

"SMRT, is that the way you trained your staff?

"I am going to go ahead to see if I can sue the uncle/SMRT.

"There is a video camera outside. If SMRT wants to track, it's always so easy to.

"I hope SMRT can answer me in regards to this matter.

"I need the uncle to apologise to me!".

From STOMP, "MRT station staff shouts vulgarities and threatens to hit me for using handicap toilet".


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