Start a love train (Come on, SMRT!)

The latest lament on STOMP, "Children stare as couple makes out and kisses on MRT" real irks me. The stomper whined:

"This couple was hugging and kissing in the train.

"The passengers were staring yet they continued making out.

"They didn't care that there were children around.

"People were staring at their indecent act and were shaking their heads."

And all he/she can do was taking two sneak shots of the couple & posted them on STOMP. Real mature, stomper. If giving a right message to presumably innocent children is what you care about, you should have stopped the lovey-dovey couple immediately as their PDA (Public Display of Affection) was in progress.

Posting & whining on STOMP would do nothing to remedy the situation. Why not trying to petition SMRT to arrange an exclusive love train where it's mandatory for its passengers to publicly display their affection.

PS. The title of this article is inspired by a song, "Love Train".


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