Singapore Police Force sue Stomper Woo for defamation?

I don't know about you but to me, the statement of Stomper Woo sounds very much a defamation.

Partially quoted from Stomp, "Part 2 of couple making out on S'pore flag: Police report made but cops can't be bothered":
"To my disappointment, the police didn't show much concern for the misuse of our national flag."

Stomper Woo must have neglected to realise how much works Singapore Police Force are handling. Just pay a quick visit to the website, "Singapore Police Force" & you'll read about how a serial housebreaker arrested, 3 youth loanshark runners to be charged, a snatch thief arrested and a taxi robber arrested, to mention some.

C'mon. Get real. Do not expect Singapore Police Force to do everything. What you needed to do, instead, Stomper Woo was to advise the young couple. Immediately. On the spot.


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