OMG the show belongs to nobody but J.M.T. (Jill Marie Thomas)!

I must admit, though, that it's a cruel choice of Jill Marie Thomas (or J.M.T. like in her YouTube clip, "Nobody (Wondergirls) - J.M.T.") to challenge the fellow challenger of the night, Dan Thompson (who started the show for tonight by challenging--and beating--the contender from the previous week, Jumping Jewels.)

She should have challenged others (and for sure, she would have easily won, too).

Dan Thompson's performance was sparkling. It was a treat to see him performing the two songs: "You Raise Me Up" as he challenged Jumping Jewels and "Me and Mrs. Jones" as he's being challenged by J.M.T.

A pity that he's ousted.


But J.M.T.'s rendition of Wondergirls' Nobody is just cool. Simply a wonder girl! (You truly deserve to win!) She did manage to make it her own original song effortlessly. No fancy dance. Nada. Just her & her guitar.

Just like in her YouTube clip below.

Yes, as per the screenshot above, she'll be performing on 26/09/10 8 PM at the 15 Minutes Cafe (La Salle College of Arts).


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