No thanks to ladyironchef, the famous blog "ieatishootipost" to be renamed as ieatIPAYishootipost???

The recent shameful furore on a certain food blogger by the pseudonym of ladyironchef has led me to know another more popular & definitely more credible food blogger. His blog address is "". The curious me soon pay a visit to this website--all along wondering whether he will soon change his website to "". Heh.

By the way, the author of "" is one Dr. Leslie Tay. Now that's what I'd say as a PROFESSIONAL! Even credits him as an expert in food and drink.

So I guess there's no need for him to change his blog to "", huh? Hur hur.

Post Script:
I just realised I did take a photo of Dr. Leslie Tay in the Big Eat Out! on 22/11/08. Even blogged about the event. The pic of him is shown under item no.4.


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