Leanna Archer: I am a 14-year-old CEO, hear me roar!

I just read through her official website, "Leanna Archer". And I find it amazing especially on her long list of accomplishments. Especially as she's just 14 years old! (Okay, so I'm perhaps a bit ageist.)

LEANNA Archer started her own hair care business when she was just nine years old.

Today, at 14, she is the CEO of her company Leanna Inc, that grosses over US$600,000 (S$808,000) a year.

Leanna is a successful young entrepreneur, and also a champion.

She is one of 12 young speakers, who will be sharing their success stories at the 'What Makes a Young Champion' 2010 Forum organised by the National University of Singapore.

The two-day event is held in conjunction with the upcoming Youth Olympic Games.

Other invited speakers include 26-year-old local filmmaker Anthony Chen, 17-year-old paralympic swimmer Yip Pin Xiu and 18-year-old British chocolatier Louis Barnett.

From Straits Times, "14-year-old CEO".

Partially quoted:
Fourteen-year-old entrepreneur Leanna Archer from Long Island amazes the world with her ambition and fight for her platform in the business world. CEO of Leanna Inc., Archer sells a whole host of hair care and body products, beginning with her family’s secret concoction passed down from her great grandmother, Lea Lebon.

Archer said that the curiosity sprang up when she was either 7 or 8 years old and she remembers always being asked what she used in her hair. She realized that she never had a response, so Archer decided to search for the answer.

From The Atlanta Post, "Leanna Archer: An Amazing Teen Entrepreneur".


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