Dating cost subsidised up to S$500?!

That's what this Malaysian news portal The Star Online, "Go on a date and get RM1,166" said about how:

When the tight-fisted government gives away anything resembling free money, people here sit up.

In an effort to encourage 75,000 singles to wed, it is subsidising 90% of their dating costs worth some S$500 (RM1,166) each.

The state’s matchmakers, who began operation in 1984, are doing this for a crucial objective – to raise matrimonial rates.

At the same time, a government campaign will be launched to get singles between 20 and 35 years to actively expand their social circle to find life partners, even using a dating agency.

This follows revelation that a disturbingly high proportion of young men and women in Singapore are staying out of wedlock.

That's rather sad, don't you think. To have a government to spend such money for things to that should have handled by the individuals themselves.


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